Wedding Day Breakdown: Getting Ready

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Episode 60 with Nathan, Preston and Sean

Preston and I chat about the things that contribute into setting the vibe and atmosphere of the first portion of a wedding day.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Preparing for the Photo shoot should be a bonding time for the couple and family. 
  • Taking time when it comes to getting ready is very important and will help you to focus on your wedding day.
  • Why choosing people in your wedding is very crucial especially when it come to the actual preparation of your wedding.
  • Keeping a positive vibes at the start of your preparation will  make your wedding day a success. 

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Here at Angledlight photography. We believe marriage is an amazing adventure and your wedding is the jumping off point. We'll explore planning an authentic and meaningful wedding experience as we connect with real life couples and the industry's top professionals, we're here to inspire and encourage you as you begin this journey of a lifetime. Hey, everybody welcome back to another episode of the show. So I am sitting here with my partner in crime Preston bailey. It's great to be here with Nathan sipping on some coffee at the angle like studio.

Both of us are. Yeah, we go through coffee like it's our job. Yeah. We actually literally just bought a coffee pot because like we're going through so many cake ups. Yeah, let's save the cake ups were trying to save the environment. So we're making the choice to get an actual coffee pot since we are both coffee fiends. But yeah, it's great to be here. It's insane how much coffee we go through. It's the most spiritual beverage it is. I'll die on that hill. So what Preston and I wanted to do was wanted to hop on and try out a little bit of a different format in addition to talking to incredible professionals, couples.

Those episodes tend to be a little bit longer. We thought, you know, we could get on here and actually give some advice, Get some tips from a photographers and filmmakers, perspective on the different parts of the wedding day and some tips to kind of guide you to making more intentional choices and improving the experience for you and the people who are around you. So I figured Preston maybe we could start with the beginning of the day. Yeah, I think talking about pre wedding festivities is always something that I think maybe gets ignored when it comes to the wedding planning process.

Like the ceremony, we typically have it planned out to the t you know, the reception, we kind of know what's going to happen, but something that a lot of people don't think about is what does that time look like when you're spending time with your bridal party before you get into the formalities. And I do, I think that it's really important how you set that time up and there's something that you can do to maximize that time and allow it to really set the tone for a great wedding day.

That's awesome. I couldn't have said it better myself. I think both of us have had the experience of walking into rooms where the energy was really low, right? And it was, it just didn't seem like there was a whole lot going on. It was really hard to pick out the connections and it just didn't feel like a very moment rich environment, right? And conversely, we've walked into rooms where it was like, oh man, this place is amazing. Like you feel like that the rest of the wedding day couldn't be better than what you just experienced in the beginning part of the day, in the getting ready.

So what we want to do is we want to talk about a few things that we feel like I have made a big difference between the rooms that didn't seem to have so much energy in the rooms. That did seem to have more energy. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, typically for the pre wedding, you know, you have the girls and guys separated, so usually they can be kind of sprawled out. But one thing that I have noticed across the board with the countless weddings I've been to is the actual shape of the space that you have to hang out in beforehand.

So for instance, a lot of times, you know, the group party, a groomsman, they'll have like a hotel block, right where everybody's kind of in different rooms, which is great that everyone has their own space, but if you're actually spending, you're getting ready time in a place that's fragmented, where there's not actually communal space, then the time doesn't necessarily feel communal. The best getting ready setups that I've ever seen is, you know, maybe the girls have an Airbnb where they're all kind of have one local place where the guys have one kind of lodge or a cabin or somewhere where you can actually be together, right, because when you're actually separated it doesn't feel the same, but that's some of the sweetest time when you get, you know, a little bit of music going to get some food, but you're actually able to all be together.

So that would be my first and strongest recommendation would be just get to where you can be together, right? Because you're going to start having fun, start relaxing, start remembering when it's like, cause a lot of times you haven't seen these people in a long time. So to have communal time with your wedding party beforehand makes a big difference. Yeah, that's such a good point because like even beyond that, but what's really interesting is like having just a little bit of space, right? Like I've been in hotel rooms where like once you get a bridal party of maybe 467 girls and then on top of that, the hair and makeup artists in there and then on top of that sometimes their moms are there to just kind of like, it gets to be where you can't hardly even move around and that kind of environment just kind of introduces a little bit of awkwardness, you know, as people are like just trying to like get around each other to get to different parts of the room and things like that.

So I would say don't be afraid to even like put a little bit of money and intention into figuring out where you want to do that because most of the time, it's like kind of from the beginning of the day, I know the guys usually, you know, they're half dressed like 30 minutes before the ceremony, but the girls, they're working, they're like putting it to work from five AM to, you know, do the whole beauty routine. So you're actually spending a lot of time, it's like half your wedding day, wherever you're getting ready.

So I mean putting some thought into and making sure it's somewhere like you said, not going to be cramps, not trying to pack 12 people into a hotel room because you wanna be able to relax right? You wanna be able to relax and have fun because that sets the tone for the rest of the day. If there's just an explosion of everybody's stuff in a really tight space and it feels frantic and hectic. You're kind of setting yourself up for that pace of a wedding day, right? I think that's yeah, that's so true.

And also a lot of times Airbnb is because I think looking back, especially like this past wedding season that we've been at, some of my favorite weddings were weddings where we were part of the getting ready at an Airbnb where was basically like a really amazing little house and you know, they had the living rooms to be able to hang out in being able to photograph and document those connections are so much easier when you're in an environment that just allows for that to happen. You just have to do the next thing that I want to bring up is something that you mentioned earlier, which was like having music and food.

Like I think that's a big deal, right? Because I have seen in a lot of cases of weddings I've been to where like the bride and even the girls like won't have anything to eat and then like they have to like run to get ready around lunchtime and then they'll like, they'll miss lunch. They won't really have something to eat and that really doesn't set you up for success on the wedding day. Yes. Keep your blood sugar up. We don't want any people passing out and I've never had one pass out in a ceremony, but I always recommend get some chicken minis in you.

Yeah, for sure. And like the reality is, you know, if you're not hungry, you're probably going to be much more patient with things that are going on and you'll just be having more fun, right? Like if you're not distracted by the fact that you're hungry or that for some reason you're just not feeling like yourself have a snickers. Seriously having something to eat would go a long way. Also music like it just seems like just in general, the rooms that I walk into and there's music playing and it's like fun music always tend to have the better environments for getting ready. Yeah.

You know what's like the strangest, can you think of like a time and want to put this in there. But like, can you think of like the time that you walked into a room and like the music was playing, you're like, oh yeah, it's about to go down. Yeah, you walk in and like, they got like little john or some throwback jams, weddings are times for like odd song choices that you haven't heard in a long time to kind of pop back in here. Yeah, I think, yeah, having like, just setting it up to where it's got a little bit of a party vibe, it like, makes a big difference.

It's always funny. I've definitely walked into a few getting ready set ups where everybody's just kind of sitting around and like twiddling their thumbs and I don't think people realize like once you get into the pageantry right, you get start getting portraits, your photographer gets their union, it's really kind of work, right? Like you've got a job to do on your wedding day for the whole rest of the day, whether it's, you know, actually getting married or going around and greeting guests, like it's kind of a whirlwind of things.

The pre wedding is really the time and obviously your bridal party there should be like the people that are closest to you, That's important time because like, once things get rolling, you're not gonna have time to, to really spend Yeah, just relax and like really connect with the people that mean the most to you, so you just soak up the time and take advantage of it because, you know, once things get rolling, it's kind of a it's a whirlwind. Yeah, that's a good suggestion. That whole point that you just made actually brings me to probably what I feel like is the biggest influential factor when it comes to just having, like, a really, really amazing, well, getting ready and wedding day is just being very, very intentional about the people that you put around you.

Like, you know, I feel like we're kind of in this weird transition in time and in wedding history where it's like, you know, used to, there was a lot of traditions where like, the people that you chose to have in your wedding party for the most part where people that you felt like you had to have their right, so it's like your father or your brother and don't get me wrong, like there's still a lot of weddings to do that and that's totally fine, like if that's who you want to have their, that's awesome.

But I also feel like I've attended weddings where the bridal party was put together bridal party groomsman in the wedding party was put together and it doesn't really feel like they really enjoy spending time with each other. You know, like, it was like, it is kind of a really weird vibe. So I told this to all the couples that I work with because typically they're asking questions about like, getting ready and things like that and I always tell people like, you know, be intentional about the people that you select to be in your bridal party, They should be people who lift you up and encourage you, who work to keep your stress level down and who are going to be in your corner and behind your back all the time right there, the leaders of like they're the cultural leaders of what the reception's gonna feel like to like when you've got a bridal party that's like ready to have fun.

And they've clearly spent a little bit of time in the beginning half of the day and gotten kind of used to each other. I mean a lot of times their friends anyway, but it's not uncommon that your bridal party is gonna, you're gonna know them from different part of your life, so having time to like spend with them and really get everybody going early on. Like if your bridal parties out there on the dance floor rocking it like so are your guests? You know? So I think it's important like you said to like, yeah, ask yourself like just with intention, right, what does this person mean to me?

And you know, like really think through that. And also I've heard somebody say the rule, don't treat your bridal party based on who you've been close to in the past and I guess I don't know how much I buy into this. Don't make it based on who you've been close to in the past, but who do you envision being a part of your life moving forward? If you have to ask yourself today, who's going to continue to be in my circle? Like that's a better question when picking those people?

Yeah, for sure. I think that rule maybe just applies more to like the avoidance of just having somebody there just to honor the place that they've had in your past, right? Like just to honor their place in your past probably isn't a good enough reason to have them in your wedding if they're currently still in your life and you see them being there in the future, That's totally different, right? But just to say, hey, this person was a childhood friend that, you know, my our two families had or like some kind of Thing where it's like, yeah, she was a part of your life 15 years ago, right?

Or 10 years ago. And that was cool. But that doesn't necessarily mean that she's gonna or he is gonna make the best choice for your current place in life, right? So, but I would say bottom line, just think about it, right? Like that's part of the philosophy here is like do everything with intention, you're going to get better results. Like when you think about carefully crafting what kind of music, what kind of food and actually just put a little bit extra thought into the getting ready. They can change the whole tone of the wedding day.

I was gonna mention one more thing, do something like have something to do during that time. Like some of the funniest things, whether it's, you know, bringing a board game and like having a silly, you know, drinking game or whatever you want to do activities to actually have like at the hotel room and Airbnb wherever you're getting ready or like playing an activity to like that. We shot a wedding a while back and it was, they did top Golf like right before the wedding chris and his groomsmen party bridal party.

Yeah, I would say christmas guys chris and the guys, they all went to top golf, right? So we got to go take some photographs and video of them hanging out at golf, golf and just having like an activity to bond over. I think especially for guys like that always, you could tell they were having fun, they're having fun at 10 AM right? And it was really cool that having something to do, just give them something to bond over instead of just sitting around twiddling their thumbs. So, and I think ultimately that's really the thing that we're trying to get to, which is the way your morning runs the way you start your day is going to affect the rest of your day, right?

Like if you're very intentional about the choices that you're making, starting the day out for your wedding and you've got the right people around you, you guys are having fun. It feels relaxed. It feels good. Like that's going to set you up to feel confident for the rest of the day. That, like, things are going to go well, everybody's gonna have a good time and this is going to be like an amazing day and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, I'd say go a little extra, like, give yourself a little bit of extra time, bring yourself a little bit extra food, get your emergency kit with the tide pen and the Advil and all, like the little trinkets.

Even think you might need, like, having a little bit extra set aside and just going a little bit beyond, you know, in terms of prepping and just having extras, you know, extra drinks extra water and all that stuff can really just help you relax, help you get into the zone. Yeah. And Mimosas don't hurt the most is do not hurt. Yeah, Bring that brunch. Alright, so Sean, so what we're talking about, why am I here? Because Sean just walked into the office and he's joining us for this podcast.

Alright, so we're gonna give you just a second and we'll edit out so you can have a second to think about it. But um what tips would you have for couples that are like starting the day, like we're talking about just getting ready part of the day and that's it, right? Just getting ready and I know that's not a day that like, DJs are part of necessarily, but do you have a tip or something that you'd like to share with people bro? You know what I've always wanted to do?

Oh yeah. You know what's funny? I haven't been on a microphone like in a broadcast setting since I got fired. I haven't, that's the first time. It's kind of weird to hit me in my headphones man. You know what I've always wanted to do, but I'm still too loud. You know what I've always wanted to do? You mean? You mean like, you know what I've always wanted to do, what it is, like a pre party party. Like I wanted DJ like a brunch type thing where you just hype up the bridesmaids.

That would be pretty cool. That'd be an interesting. I know, so I'm not there for that part of the day, so I don't know how that works, but, and I know like obviously you can't just in a hotel room because it's a tight spot, but like, if they had like a big enough room or even I could just set up like just a speaker and like a little mixer and just give them like a, like a lunch party. Yeah, you should add that to your packages. Well, DJ will actually follow you around to every part of the wedding day and we'll just be there like, just with a boom box on my shoulder like back in the 80 S. Yeah, we got to do that for sure.

But like I've always wanted to do that where the girls are like, they're getting their makeup done or something and I'm just like playing freaking Nicki Minaj and you know, Does God and just give them high. It's like 10:30 AM that I've always wanted to do that. Well, I know some couples that we've worked in the past that would have loved that to happen for sure. For sure. I think it'd be a great idea. So if you're listening to this right now, I'm open contacts, John McGourty Premiere Party Entertainment.

Well guys, hopefully you enjoyed this quick little tips just talking about like the beginning of the day, I think we're gonna be back soon to kind of talk about the next parts, which is like the photos and the time for portraits. We'll talk a little bit about the ceremony. We'll talk a little bit about the transition from the ceremony to the reception and we'll talk about the reception. We're going to all these different podcast episodes, but Preston man, thanks so much for all the help and all the advice and all the sudden genius insights coming from over here.

Yeah, well it's going to be on with you. I always enjoy going to do a little podcasting so that's awesome. Sean thanks for just hopping on and I was trying to come in quietly and not. Did I not trying to sneak? Well, the reason I was giggling is I couldn't tell whether or not you're just trying to sneak. But then when you started kind of doing the sasquatch walk behind me, I just couldn't help but sneak by. You know, you guys are doing your thing and then Nathan was like, go sit down and then I rubbed your shoulders.

Alright guys, I hope you guys have an amazing day, a fantastic week in an incredible year. See you next time here, angle life photography, we believe marriage is an amazing adventure and your wedding is the jumping off point. We'll explore planning an authentic and meaningful wedding experience as we connect with real life couples and the industry's top professionals, We're here to inspire and encourage you as you begin this journey of a lifetime. Mhm

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