Taifha + James | Engagement in Downtown Spartanburg

A girl from New York and a boy from South Carolina – although they are from such different places they compliment each other perfectly! I had a lot of fun watching the quiet & confident love Taifha and James has for each other throughout our session. 

When planning an engagement shoot I always ask couples for locations that may be meaningful to them – with Taifha and James Downtown Spartanburg quickly came up. Spartanburg has a very cool downtown that’s gone through a lot of revitalization recently with some very unique businesses and restaurants moving in! 

After exploring a little bit, learning more about James and Taifha, and playing a round of put-put we ended up at Hub City Scoops – one of Taifha and James’ favorite spots! We grabbed some ice cream – and the owner actually made and gifted a small ice cream wedding cake for the couple! How amazing is that? The cake was absolutely beautiful! 

I’m looking forward to seeing Taifha and James tie the knot at the Gassoway Mansion later this year. It’s going to be a blast! Congratulations you two. 🙂

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