Tip #2 When you begin your search for a wedding photographer in Greenville SC, you’re going to find a ton of studios who will have pricing right on their website, and many who ask for a meeting to take the next steps before booking! A lot of couples are terrified to sit down with the […]

Greenville, SC We all want to keep our wedding on schedule as best as we can, it is one of the most important pieces for a seamless and stress-free day! On this episode of the podcast, Brittney Rice from Flawless Airbrush in Asheville, NC gives us her secret to keeping the start of your day […]

Greenville South Carolina We are about to dive into the top reasons why choosing a professional photographer for your wedding day is important, and provide you with tips on how to invest your time and money in choosing the right wedding photographer. Before we get into it, we want to ease your mind. There is […]

Well, to put it simply, things have gotten pretty crazy pretty quickly. Chances are you’re (hopefully) sitting in the comfort of your home, trying to stay away from the COVID-19 sickness as best you can!  Chances also are, if you are newly engaged or in the middle of your wedding day planning, you are a […]

Upstate South Carolina Weddings You’re newly engaged to the love of your life.  You’re narrowing down venues, invitation lists, food ideas, music – the whole nine yards. The decision comes for you to choose a wedding photographer and you don’t know where to start or what red flags to look out for. You’re considering going […]

Greenville, South Carolina You’re going to love this podcast episode! We loved chatting with Megan and talking about the all too common struggle of deciding what music to pick for your wedding day.  Trying to choose the tunes for your wedding day can be a daunting decision. Should you pick a DJ? A live band? […]

One of the first decisions every couple needs to decide when planning their wedding is where they would like to get married.

This can be a really tough problem to solve since many couples have never tried to throw such a huge celebration before. There’s a lot to think about! Not only does the venue need to

Heather Lockaby is the owner/lead event planner of Timeless Events. She started this company as an extension of herself providing enthusiastic planning, management, and support for your big day. She has an eye for detail and is able to execute any couple’s vision for their wedding. It is really important to her to build strong, trusting relationship with all of our brides and grooms in order to make the planning process for you effortless and enjoyable.

If you’re looking for the best party possible – find the right DJ! Sean McGroarty, also known as DJ Shorty on B 93.7, takes us through all the ins and outs of what makes a great wedding DJ. Sean is the owner of PPE Event Group which

Renee Burroughs from Renee Burroughs Designs joins us in the studio to talk about all things floral design and wedding budget. Our conversation quickly jumps to some incredible thoughts on marriage and life lessons that every couple should hear!