To be trusted to document a growing family as they grow is really special – and watching kids I’ve photographed over the years get older is one of the best things about being a wedding and family photography studio…

Last week I was excited to have a great family session with Shon and Christina. With my son being two and Troy just turning one we’re all discovering together how fast our kids were growing up. As all busy parents know – we sometimes don’t realize it until they stop us in our tracks looking totally different than they did a week ago. 

Being the father of a two year old – I know the value of bubbles! I’ve been able to take a lot of photos of my son playing with his favorite outdoor activity, but this is the first time I’ve been able to capture the joy of bubbles for another family! I’m stoked to share this fun family session we had around Clemson.

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting the Plowden family! I instantly fell in love with their children Rivers, Cooper, and Reese. It was so obvious that little Reese looked up to her brothers… I couldn’t help but chuckle every time the boys would run off and their little sister would take off full speed after them.