Revitalizing the Reception with Sean McGroarty and Shawn Stom

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Episode 74 with Nathan, Preston and Shawn Stom

Many would think that having a professional DJ/MC at their wedding reception is unnecessary, only to think otherwise after their wedding. Be spared of that same regret and learn about the importance of having a professional DJ/MC at your wedding reception and how to choose the right one for you on this conversation with Preston and I, together with Sean McGroarty of Premiere Party Entertainment and Shawn Stom of Jumping Jukebox, LLC.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How an MC can make your wedding exciting and memorable.
  • What is the difference between a DJ and MC.
  • Why choosing the right MC is so important for your weeding day.
  • What are the qualities you need to have to become a great MC or DJ.
  • What are the roles of an MC to your wedding Reception.

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Here at Angled Light photography, we believe marriage is an amazing adventure and your wedding is the jumping off point. We'll explore planning an authentic and meaningful wedding experience as we connect with real life couples and the industry's top professionals. We're here to inspire and encourage you as you begin this journey of a lifetime. Hey, everybody welcome back. This is weddings from the pros. This podcast is all about helping intentional couples plan fulfilling weddings. Preston, how you like that intro. I like that. That was, that was pretty smooth.

Did you practice that in the in the shower this morning? Right. I was getting ready because he's always making fun of me about my podcast. Interest guys, I'm glad that you're here with me today. We're gonna be talking about a very, very, very important part of the wedding. I mean honestly I would consider most people would say it's like the back third of the wedding, but it is the most important part is the most important part. Let's get that out there today I have with me Sean and Sean.

So this is actually kind of fun new morning show we're creating actually, before we get started, I want to say this one thing I have been trying to get on the air with Sean for like five years because we share the same name and and then he started his own podcast. He put out a list of people he wants to have on his show and I wasn't even on the list. I'm not internationally known enough, I guess to be that special. So we are keeping people in suspense.

We talked about what's the most important thing and we haven't even, what are we talking about? So it is talking about the back third of the wedding, which is receptions, All right, is the wedding reception and Sean and I'm gonna get you guys to introduce yourselves here in just a second in your company's. But Sean had messaged me just a short time ago, I guess last week or the week before jumping jukebox JJ. Sean and he had reached out and he had said, you know, I think it'd be really cool to to do a podcast topic about M C S and the role that a great DJ plays as an emcee at the reception and I was like, dude, that'd be killer because I think that's really, really important.

So I want to start this conversation, I'm about to hand it over to you guys so you can introduce yourselves. But I think that this is a really important thing to talk about and to introduce two couples as something that they need to spend a little bit of time in a little bit of space kind of thinking over because I've said this many times here on the podcast. But one of the things that a lot of people will try to go without is a quality DJ or entertainment of some kind during the reception.

A lot of that happens a lot and I tell people often that it's not really just about somebody playing music. It's not really just about having music at your reception. It is about having someone who can control the flow of the night, who's guiding the night, right? Who's I've been to a lot of receptions more so early in the part of my career. But like, I remember one time where the couple was cutting the cake and literally nobody knew it right? Like nobody had any idea what was going on any part of the night.

And a big roll of a DJ. A quality DJ is also being a quality M C. Somebody who's confident from the crowd, who knows how weddings work and more so than anything, more importantly than anything in my opinion, knows what the couple, what values the couple holds dear and will guide and steer the night according to what is the perfect reflection of the couple. Right? And we'll get into that a little bit more and we'll talk a little bit more about that. But first off, let's go and introduce you guys.

Tell us a little about yourselves first Sean, listen, I don't know you, you go ahead, my name is Sean. I'm the other Sean and I own a company called premiere party entertainment. Uh, a lot of people know me as radio shorty as well, although I'm not in radio anymore. So I should probably drop the part of the radio part on my social, It made me sad for a second. Sorry. Yeah but I own premiere party entertainment and I would like to now turn it over to Sean who's beside me, I'm going to refer to him as Shorty the rest of the podcast and that's okay.

So for those of you listening when we say Shorty it is the other Sean my name is Sean as well. I work in as the event host and DJ for jumping jukebox, another entertainment company here in the Up states. And was just on with you a few weeks ago talking about designing a reception which is really fun. That's kind of what sparked the idea for this because we started talking about I think I said something along the lines of when you hire a DJ you're hiring a personality and every like I went back and we were listening to the podcast I was like man that's good stuff, I don't know where that came from but then that's part of the idea of I think people don't think about that aspect when they're hiring deejays is how much the M. C. Component or the in a modern way of putting the host.

Even host component is important. 100%. And so it's funny that we're having this conversation now literally about 10 minutes ago Preston and I we're just doing a reveal with a couple who had gotten married and the topic of the DJ came up right and it was actually one of the things that we were kind of talking to them about the DJ was great, it served the couple well, it was an amazing night, Everybody had a great time, Lots of dancing. It was there was no bad part of the night when it comes to the DJ itself.

But they were talking a lot about, she mentioned that they didn't know how to find the right DJ, right? And a big part of the component that was missing for them was like they how do you find the deejay and emcee for the night that resonates with the kind of personality of party or the kind of the kind of personality of a reception that you want, right? Like how do you find that DJ that's gonna kind of bring to bring the life the vision that you have, what you're looking for in your reception.

So that's really what's going to be the topic of conversation here. Yes, I think it's awesome that you have both of the song. You know, work for different companies here in the in the upstate in the Greenville area, but I think both of our companies are kind of the same in certain situations, but then also there are things in our company that you guys do a jumping jukebox that I don't think we could do at premiere party entertainment, that we just have different ways of providing services to couples, you know that we have differences and similarities, if that makes sense.

And I like it. I'm sorry. You know, I was gonna say, I think when it comes to good DJs or good M. C. S. I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try not to use the DJ term. So when it comes to good M. C. S. I think you can have a good M. C. A person A and person B. They could both be great at what they do and they can do, but while doing different things in different styles. That makes sense? Well, I would like very much to photography, right?

Like there are a variety of photographers to have very different styles, right? And not only very different styles, but very different personalities. The style thing, like, you know what the photos look like from one photographer versus another? That's very surface level. That's easy to detect. That's easy to see you go, you'll know right off the bat whether that resonates with you or not. But then it goes even deeper, right? Like who's the photographer that you want to spend time with, right? Is the personality of the photographer you're gonna be spending the entire day with.

Does that kind of resonate with you guys? Does it feel like a good match? And I feel like that's kind of one of the big difficult things that a lot of couples have when when choosing choosing a DJ. So I'm excited to talk about this for sure. Yeah, I think like you hit the nail on the head there because I have couples that will come in, most of them have a photographer, some don't, but like most of them come in and go, who, who is your photographer and you know, I'm working with Nathan from photography and I love his personality or you know, or I'm working with Kendra Martin and I love, she's so bubbly, like they resonate with that and I think that at least for us, you know, and I think for you guys as well, you know, I don't want people just to come in and book us because we have a bunch of stuff like I want to book Doug because you love Doug, McDonald's personality and you know, we're seeing because he's such a sweet, jovial guy or or me for whatever, and I think the same thing with you guys because you see me hopping around the dance for like a bunny rabbit, whatever it is, whatever the reason may be, but that brings up a good point because I don't do that.

I, you know, I jokingly say in my consultations like, you know, I am a DJ and I have fun and I'm you know, I'll get on the mic and be like, put your hands up that sort of thing, but I don't get out on the dance floor because I have two left feet, I think I am not that great at it, but we do have couples that come in and will say, well I do want someone, you know, that has that aspect that wants to get on the dance floor with my couples or with my family and friends.

And you make a good point in your Instagram where you have these quick tips on your angle like photography Instagram where you say, meet with a couple of these or meet with a couple of photographers and see what works best. And I think that's the same thing. If you're a couple about to go on this journey of finding your vendors for your wedding, me with myself, me with Sean from jumping jukebox, go meet with Justin from uptown entertainment and see which personality you also gel with. Yeah, we say the same thing.

You know, if we don't feel like somebody's good fit personality wise, like we don't tell them I'm not a good fit for you, but if you don't feel like you're a good fit with us, there are other people who can provide that level that connection that you may or you're looking, you're looking for. I think there's an art to what we do as M. C. S. I think it's not just picking up a microphone and talking. It's there's a lot of intentionality that goes along with, you know, when you go to talk, when you go to pick up that microphone and you go to start to talk.

What are you going to say? Why are you saying these particular words, What are you directing the attention of the crowd to and from and the transitions that go along with. Yeah. Let's start even at a more simple place just for anybody who doesn't know what is an M. C. Like like because I think there's probably a lot of people who hear the word. And to be honest with you, I mean I will be very honest with you before and I tell Sean this all the time before I became a wedding photographer.

Shorty sorry, shorty, I tell Shorty this all the time before I became a wedding photographer. My perception of a DJ was somebody who was pressing play like I was that person right until I got to go see firsthand the differences between different DJs and quality DJs versus people who aren't haven't been doing it for either quite so long or aren't quite passionate about their craft or whatever. I've been able to kind of now understand the differences here. So let's start with this. What is so I think, yeah, I think I think the will go down to the basic level of education M. C. Stands for and its master of ceremony, right?

So that's and you can have an emcee host for Galas for it doesn't have to be a wedding, an M. C. Can be an M. C. I like to use the term event host. It's a more modern way of putting it that brides can not understand a little bit better, but the old school way was like masters of masters of ceremonies. Yeah. And I think overall your job for the night is to facilitate the evening from beginning to end. Your guiding not only the couple but the entire wedding guest through the night, your guiding them on a journey, you're directing them, you're keeping them informed.

It's not just for the bride and groom, it's for the guests, it's not just for the guests, it's for the vendors, the caterers, the photographers, the videographers, making sure everything flows really, really well from beginning to end of the night. Yeah, yeah. And I think that's a great way to put it, you know, I think often times from the point of view of the couple, they're always thinking or they should be thinking to themselves, what kind of experience do I want to have for this portion of the day and what we're focusing now on is the reception, right?

And the couple should be asking themselves, like what kind of experience do I want for us from my significant other and I but also like what kind of experience do I want for everybody else who is there for all these friends and family, right? That I have chosen to surround myself with on the wedding day, what kind of experience do I want for them And I think I'll pull out one thing that you said, which I think is really smart, the transitions because like that's by far in my opinion where the things often go off the rails the most is when you're moving from one thing of the night, one part of the night to the next, right?

So either you're going maybe from dinner for instance to cake cutting, like what I said earlier or maybe you're going from the toasts right to dinner or you're going from the toast to the first dances are the first dances to, to tell you the one we hear a lot of you probably do too shorty is how do we get from this epic introduction into a romantic first dance? Yeah, yeah, that's a good point. Like, you know, they will often tend to want to change their introduction song to something more low key so it flows about said, no, no, don't do that.

Like just play what you want to play. That's our job to take you from one level to another. And I can't tell you back when I used to photograph weddings, how I used to see DJ. It's epic. The music, you know, bouncing a flaw and the couple comes to the dance floor. They don't say anything. They don't direct the attention to the dance. They don't, they just press play on the first dance. It's like, it's just the most awkward moment. It feels jarring because it is a left turn.

It is like Sean is right, is that you're going from playing this up the, like you're introducing the wedding party introducing the couple, the married couple and you're taking this sharp left turn of like playing this high intense like everybody get your hands up, give it up for the couple, you're taking this left turn of like and now the first dance you're going from 130 beats per minute which is a fast paced song too, a very slow song. So how do you get into that? Which is a that's a great point of like and for me, you know what I'm the event hosted the M. C. You know, ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the dance floor.

A couple has chosen their their first dance whatever that first dance is. They would like to now share that dance with you share that. Yeah, there's something I think I told you before but something I I can't say I take credit for this, but I used to say something along the lines of you know, we all got to witness their first kiss like an hour ago and now we get to witness their first dance or I heard somebody else say once we're about to make history as they share their first dance for the first time, it's all share that together.

Like there's there's different things that you can say to set that moment up. Well yeah and and it's funny that you say that because like people you have to prompt people to realize the importance of what what's happening here, right? Like that's significant because otherwise, especially for a lot of guests and a lot of friends, like they've been to weddings before, right? A lot of times they feel like they've been there and they feel like they've seen that they feel like they've done that a great M. C. In my opinion would be like, no, no, no, you've never seen this before, right?

Like you you have not experienced what you're about to experience this people that this couple knows you guys very select few that get to witness their first dance. That's another great and your job. And I think it's important. I was going to say this a little bit later, but it makes the timing makes sense because your job as a as an event host is not to steal the spotlight, but to shift it to the couple of the day. And the way my mentor used to teach me to do that is create moments, make moments happen, and by doing that, you're you're just making it even more magical.

You set up, a photographer is gonna be happy. The videographer is gonna be happy because you just made something special for them. You just made something personal for the couple and then the crowd that knows them really well, they're gonna know they're gonna recognize that too. And it's gonna be a magical moment for literally everybody in the room. Yeah. You know, it's funny as a filmmaker Preston, like you have this magical ability that most people don't have to be able to relive toasts over and over and over in the edit. Right?

And I think what's funny is that I'm sitting here thinking back in my mind and I'm sitting there thinking about the toasts that really felt right, right? Like it was impactful. Everybody, it resonated with the people who were in the room and we had a lot of fun in the edit, like putting that as a part of the couple's story. There was going back to the transitions now that I'm thinking about making connections in my head. The DJ would be a fantastic EMC to lead into those toasts.

Well, it would build up the toast and kind of give the person who was giving the toast a platform to feel confident and to feel like, hey, I can do, I mean to give a toast in front of people is not easy. Right? Right. And I think that now that I'm thinking back to, like toast that I've seen you edit and the toast that we put into into a lot of the stories and the highlight videos and stuff that you'll create. Like, I think I can see a pretty direct correlation now that Sean says that between how the DJ was setting up the toast and the effectiveness of the toast itself.

Yeah, I agree. They definitely set the tone, right? And, and the wedding toast aren't something that's part of like most people's normal year, you might give a couple wedding toasts in your life. So people are kind of stepping up and they're not really sure what's the tone supposed to sound like, what's the energy level out? You guys are kind of book ending those toasts and kind of prompting them to have a certain kind of energy and it doesn't make a big difference. I actually like to set up the if it's your standard maid of honor and best man, I like I like to set them up a little bit.

I call them V. I. P. S. And I usually I usually make a joke like you know the maid of honor, she's been helping playing this from day one. You know the best man like you had one job that's the bachelor party and you know just kind of get a little laugh and people don't think it's funny at all then you just got to move on. It's kind of an awkward moment you move on but I try to set them up as very important people to the crowd and everybody knows this right?

If you're the maid of honor best man, you obviously know you have an important job but they're about to deliver, they're also part of their role as these people was to deliver this toast to kind of set this up is not just a special moment for them but a special moment for the couple as well, receiving up the toast. So I think this is really good. I think, I think this is now bringing to light and bringing people's attention to the fact that like, okay, so I think I now want a really good emcee at my wedding.

I think that that's important now, you know, because they might not have, this is, this is probably definitely a part of the wedding experience that most people haven't thought about. Most couples that are planning their weddings because I think that, you know, obviously when like you and I, we all have our promo videos and they see the people jumping up and down on the dance floor every time. And that's really what we sell in our, you know, in our marketing. I think that we actually are probably missing the boat here in our marketing of like, I don't have any video, I'll be honest, I don't have any videos of us like event hosting or emceeing a wedding and I think that should be.

And I've been asked a time or two do you, is there any videos if you doing introductions? Yeah, I'm like, I'm with you. I don't think like, again, I think I do a fantastic job at it. I mean, I not to teach your own horn. No, but I mean like I, I, you know, I, you know, I've been like a wedding festival, obviously I haven't been to a wedding you've been because we're like I'm not like I'm like peering through the window looking at if that's the case.

But I've definitely like been at weddings festivals where you obviously you you know M. C. You know the wedding festival show and you do a fantastic job. I mean Jeff Hayes is there with you two from the party machine. So I think like also that said to like I think we have a great group of like core DJs in the market that we all just kind of bounce these ideas off of each other. We're all kind of nerdy in that sense of like um wanting to be a better M. C. Or D. J. And you know this past november, I went to Vegas for wedding N. B. A. And I sat down and mike Walters, how to be a better M. C. Conference.

I sat there for an hour and just picked up on like how can I do this better like. Yeah like you could say I'm on the radio and so you know how to talk and that sort of thing. But but I want to be better I want to do. And they were like little tidbits where and again, mike is a different DJ in New Jersey than I am, where he is out on the dance floor like you guys and I don't feel comfortable but how can I like be a better event even during the party.

Sure What are different prompts? I can say like you know as the music's building like you know put your hands up put your hands up get those hands up you know like things that just make people you know hype and Mike said I'll paint this picture. He had this video and he said people think what I do is cheesy where you're saying get your hands up and that sort of thing and I get this all the time. All the time. My d M's. He plays this video is just like the super bowl.

He's like running up and he's like in the crowd at the Super bowl and he's on the microphone and he's clapping with the microphone. Get those hands up, get those hands stopped and he said if J. T. Can do it you can do it too. And that like resonated with me. I'm like wow like that's you know like some people knock him for like getting on the mic and prompting people to do something. But as far as your endorphins are running throughout the night as as you know as a crowd member at a wedding or is your family and friends like that resonates with you and you're like the music is playing like oh yeah I will get my hands up, I will have fun.

I think I think that goes to like the styles there's different good styles for different emcees? Like I've been told going out on the dance floor and doing stuff I do on the dance floor can be cheesy at the same time, but you know, at the end of the night, the bride or the Bride's mom or the dad comes up to me and say, I've never seen a T. J get out there and get so involved. That's really, really cool to watch them. Like that's why we do it, the couple's love that.

Absolutely, yeah. And to give you a little bit of uh to just kind of support that notion, I mean, I've been to weddings with you when I could have been, I'm sure as sure as I could have been that there would be no dancing and no fun had that night. The only way that they had fun was because you helped them have fun and I think that's an incredible role that you can play and that you guys jumping jukebox are really, really good at. For sure. And I think that's what defines back me if you think I'm wrong with the difference between having a DJ who is also a M. C or a D J M C team versus just a DJ, because this is no offense to DJs who don't emcee, but their strength realizing mixing music and when nobody's dancing, they don't know what else to do, but mix more music right?

Like they can try different songs, but if it's not working, they're not going to go out to the floor, they're not going to try to create this moment to get people back out because it's just at the current point in time, it's just not in their wheelhouse. I will say we did a wedding once, it was a couple years ago. Doug Mcdonald who's on our team and I'm that DJ that like I can mix, you know, music left and right and play hip hop and and fire and all that stuff, you know, I think I'm pretty good at what I do, but when it comes like what you're saying, we're like, you're at a wedding, you're like shit like nobody's on the dance floor and like playing like everything like nothing's happening. Yeah.

And we had a wedding like that Doug was like I got it like, you know dogs like very swampy is like I got this and he goes, he said just play line dance, playing QB shelf or something. So we played the Cuban shuffle and Doug got out there and just started doing the Cuban shuffle by himself. And then two people came in and four people and eight people and 10 people. We had 55 people, 60 people, you know, and sometimes you just got to go out there and just voice the promise of the dance.

Like you kinda, you kinda got to instill faith they don't know how to do this line danced. You just start doing it, you start teaching them as you do it, you can do that and they'll come out and you know, I've seen that, there's been times around like, oh my gosh, there's like 40 people out here all of a sudden, 100%. And I think this is the point because what I want to do, I'm gonna give you guys a second to think about this. What should the couples be looking for and what questions should they be asking you in the interview?

I'm gonna give you guys a second to think about this while I make this next point. But I do think that it's really important for couples. You know, something that press and I talked about a lot is the importance of slowing down early in your wedding planning process. Like you guys get engaged, you're excited. You should spend quality time with each other, really kind of figuring out what the experiences that you want and figuring out who you are as a couple, right? Because I think off too often couples and this is actually what we were just talking with Melissa and Lawrence about this back there off too often couples, we'll get engaged and then they'll shoot right off to wedding wire than not to look at the latest blog.

They'll, they'll check out the magazines and they just end up kind of style icing and building their wedding based on what somebody else has already done or what they've been a part of before, what they've seen before, right? And it's really important to ask yourselves, what do we want? Like, what would be a reflection of who we are? Right? And I think what's really cool and the thing I really love about DJs and, and kind of, the reception in particular is that there is a DJ and a company out there for you.

I promise you. Like, I've seen so many different DJs that it's incredible. Like, for instance, at premiere party entertainment, like, if you want to have a club atmosphere and you want to go all out, Shawn's your guy, right? If your party, if you want, like, if you want somebody who's gonna be able to go out there and teach dances and help people have fun. Like, if you feel like that, that's gonna be something that you really want for your wedding. She's gonna be able to do that at jumping jukebox, I've seen DJ before, who blend live music with recorded music, he's got a trumpet back there behind the DJ booth and he's playing these really dope mixes and then he starts improving on the trumpet.

Like there is somebody in my Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I mean, and, and, and he's so good, like, he's crazy, it's crazy good. So, like, there's a DJ out there for the personality that you have and the D and the personality that you want to have at your reception, Okay, so with that being said, I want you guys, and maybe collectively answer the question or you go one at a time, however you want to tackle it? But like what what's the questions that a couple should be asking you guys?

Like, what's the better questions that that couples should come when they get on a zoom call with you, they come and sit down with you. Like, what should they be asking you in order to find out if you are the right kind of DJ for their vision? So the first thing I will start is one thing you should be able to pick up without even asking a question is their nature to their authentic personality. So I think a good M. C. You know that you want them to be eccentric to be enthusiastic, You want them to be charismatic, but you really, really want them to be authentic and passionate and you know, we all know DJs in our area, that you could see that from the moment.

My mentor was one of those guys and from within three minutes of talking to him, you automatically knew that this guy loves what he does and he's gonna make sure I'm gonna love my day. So that's one thing you can pick up, even asking a question. I think questions you can ask is you know, like or think about is what do you want your emcee to do and not to do? Like what in your head, what do you think are the roles for them for your wedding?

Like what do you feel like the responsibility should be to you in your opinion? That's an interesting one. Do you, can you give some examples? Either one of you I set you up. You take had truly some translation. Uh So yeah here here's a great example I was asked. I was actually asked to go around and talk and something I've always done. I've never been asked to do it. Go around and spend time with each table and talk to the different tables and build, you know like hey get some song ideas from them and all this stuff and it's actually it's actually really really good idea because hey you're building rapport with the crowd.

So when you get to the dance part of the night, when you start giving those prompts they're going to more than likely listen and what to do with their friends. Exactly yeah. You've developed a relationship that's that's interesting. Yeah. So I've been asked to do that and you're a part of the process right? Like that's kind of cool like that you have input like on on what's gonna be going on that night. Which could be fun. I would I would ask sorry. I don't know if I would ask the person you're interviewing the D. J. Or the M. C. To tell me a little bit about how you get from point A to point B. In the night?

What is the beginning of the night look like was the end of the night look like and how do you get us there? Yeah. That's interesting. I think too it's um I think I said to you as far as like your Instagram, like, you know, you were talking to a couple different photographers and I think it is also important to talk to myself, Shawn, you know, other companies here in the market, wherever you're planning your wedding. Because I think we at least like, you know, here in the upstate, we all do different things.

Like, again, like I said, you you do you like going up the tables like talking to people and President Nathan. No, like, I mean like this dating world of like and press and you should just go to like a young professionals and start talking to women and like, I don't really know. I don't know that's like me. Which is which is really funny to us because when, when you are behind the microphone, like, you're very confident the crowd. Yeah. Right. But it's like all of a sudden you want me to like, walk up to the table to like, talk to people.

But I love I love that idea. And I think like, mike Walter has also kind of talked about that. I think as far as like asking questions in the consultation, I think if there are preferences that like, if you've been to a wedding and you've seen something you love, like bring that up in the consultation that I was at a wedding and they did this point, you know, is that something you guys could do? And again, you know, it may be something that the DJ can't do or doesn't want to do or isn't comfortable doing.

And then, you know, you kind of go, okay, well sean from jump jukebox really said that they can pull all this off Sean from Premier Party Entertainment is hesitant about this. You kind of have now wage your options of what is going to be the perfect entertainment for me and I think that pendulum kind of sways. Yeah, I think that's a really good piece of advice and then I would encourage a couple to take it one step further and say, can you give me some examples of like past weddings where, where you've done this right up on one, take it a step further from that, even like how do you handle awkward moments?

That's a good question because we've been there. They do happen, they happen, they happen all the time where either the photographer or videographer that they thought they were ready, They weren't ready. They'll come to us. I need you to buy me two more minutes or another. Already stopped the music, right, can't go back and start playing music because that's gonna make it even more awkward. So you got to, you know, if it's football season, Hey, let's talk football like who's our Clemson fans whose, or Gamecock fans, or if it's you find something to do or a moment to create or, you know, I've even used it to anybody else in the room getting married anytime soon or something like that.

But to fill up the space, or it may be something that somebody in the wedding party did or said during your toast, or it was just really awkward and you've got to recover from it quickly. Like, so how do you handle awkward moments? Like, are you able to step outside of your comfort zone if you have to? I knew that was coming. Uh, yeah, man, there's so many, I should write a book. Can I talk about this is there's, there's, there's one particular wedding I'm thinking about and I've been thinking about since the beginning, and you mentioned awkward moments and it kind of goes back to really, yeah, really, just understanding the role of a DJ that goes beyond DJ, right?

This was a really fun wedding, but the bride and groom suit, They wanted that party atmosphere, but they had asked a friend to DJ and I think they were thinking about what a DJ is kind of from the default position and their friend was a club DJ, right? And you could tell he was really, really good, you could tell he was awesome and what he did. Yeah. And so he kind of approached it as a performer, right? And his mixes were all really good when the dance floor was full, it was going full steam ahead.

Like he did a really excellent job, but there was this huge missing piece where he wasn't thinking about the m seeing at all right. As far as facilitating the evening, He just wasn't thinking as much about that and it really did change the feel of several parts of the exception, right? When someone was, you know, when it was time to pray for the food, there was nobody there and there were several like Laghi kind of gaps there, right? And that was like to me a really clear picture of being an emcee and an event host goes way beyond pressing play like yes, I think you guys are a good picture of you guys know how to put together mixes, You're playing two different roles in the sense of like thats the deejay part.

The, the emcee, the event host part is a totally different like, again, like you made painted a great picture that club DJ was an amazing DJ could mix music left and right. But he or she now has to work on the second part of the job, which is what we do. Yeah. So as far as like, you know, what should couples be asking their DJ is just ask them about the process, ask them how they think about the night because you will get a sense pretty quickly.

Are they thinking kind of on multiple tiers, you know, from equipment to music all the way up to how do you direct a crowd? How do you direct humans and how do you interact with people? Like you want pros that are thinking about it on all levels? Right? Because more than likely that they will be talking about me if they're just a music DJ, you will pick it up on it because they were talking about music and songs. So yeah, we play this and I do this like that's great.

But what about the other components? Can they talk about how they facilitate the night, how they guide will direct people set the tone like because that is what I would say, I would also the most crucial part of what makes a DJ great. You know, I would also say not even like we keep talking about facilitating the night and guiding the night and yes, there are the timelines but even down to the bare bones of like and I think you and I probably are similar in the sense of like yes, we have our names that we call out but being able to just to like rapid fire something off your brain like we did that wedding and gas away with trying to blank you did her video kristen Megan. Yeah.

And her sister was on the TLC show so she came up to me literally, I don't know five minutes before and she said, can we just like kind of adding that like her hit Tv shows on TLC and I had nothing written down, I just was in my head, I was like okay when I get to the Maid of Honor, I have to know to say, I think I said off the top of my head that now from the hit Tv show, you know, feet, whatever, feet, whatever show she's on Wednesday nights and she like looked at me like I can't believe you did that.

But it's like we also have to do with those quick moments of like we don't have time to write it down. I need to think about it on the top of my, especially when those moments get hard. I have been put on the prompt say, hey, we don't want to talk about this. But you know, my dad died like six months ago and we want to do that special song like you've gotta somehow quickly come up with the words to say and and be genuine and be genuine and maybe it's one of those points where be smart about it, maybe don't freeload that out, Maybe quickly write it down and type it out.

There's nothing wrong with reading it. I think the important part there is too and I've been in that situation where it may not be somebody who died, it could be hey there, you know, dad's in the room and they don't have a great relationship, like not calling attention, like I think it's not about what to say, but also what not to say at any given wedding. You know, they say, you know, an amateur gets it right whenever everything is going well, but a pro is going to get it right, when everything goes wrong, right?

And so this goes back to the importance of having a DJ who really has weddings under his belt, right? And can jump in in those moments because a lot of you guys know, like weddings are chaotic and have a lot of moving parts. So having someone who can be on it and have the experience to react in a way that's seamless. Like that goes a long way that that's that's another part of the case for, you know, maybe think about not hiring your buddy who has a really good playlist, but talk to a few different parts of the experience.

Speaking of moving parts. So, you know, any given wedding, there's a lot of vendors involved, right? You got caterers, you got planners, photographers, and videographers, sometimes there's painters and you never know what you're gonna have. So I think part of the moving parts is ask your M. C. Or D. J. That you're interviewing. Well, hey, I've hired so far these people, what is your relationship with them because that immediately you start getting okay, well yeah, we work with these guys all the time. And in fact, you know, like you start picking up on that relationship and that way, you'll know that they will work together well and that particular event host is going to help facilitate the night with those specific vendors.

I think it's really important guys. This has been a killer conversation. I think you guys have really brought up a lot of things that couples don't, frankly just don't know and it's not their fault, they just don't know what they don't know, right? And a lot of times, I think that's what the really funny thing about this whole topic of conversation is, there's probably been a lot of couples who have been to weddings before, they've experienced a good DJ, a lot of people have probably experienced a DJ who struggles and I think what's funny though is that the times that you've had a positive experience, there's things that the DJ is doing during the night that you're just not aware of, you're not conscious, they're thinking about their there are a few steps ahead, there are a few steps ahead, like, as the person who's experiencing the reception, you just aren't aware of the things that the DJ is doing behind the scenes and in front of the crowd that is enhancing those moments right, Like you're just not aware of it, right?

And so when you get to the point where you're actually planning the wedding yourself and you're trying to find the right DJ for you again, you just don't know what those questions are to ask. So I'm really, I really appreciate the fact that you guys always like to say to a good, a good host or emcee has called the multiple personality disorders because at the beginning of the night, they're very charismatic and just like really professional and good evening, ladies and gentlemen, blah, blah, blah. And then, you know, two hours later, like, put your hands up like, it's like you're going from one extreme to the other.

But that's, to me that's, that's talent that takes, that's, you know, when you're choosing that person, those are great things to be thinking about because your wedding as the wedding changes tone throughout the night from beginning and so should the host. For sure. I will say, I think Sean skated away from my question. I skated away from what was the awkward uh and all of a sudden, like, I don't know how it happened but skated away from it. I hijacked it had this was the recent one.

I had a wedding and there are pictures to prove this, the groom when a wall and started stripping at during. And, and then it was the, I forget what happened, but the music had stopped and he was like naked from waist up. That's not awkward. That's epic. It is, it was, it was epic. But there was a point where like, it's either epic or awkward depending on the crowd, like the grandmother of the bride or are you one of the boys? That's what made it awkward because you know, her family was all about drinking and have a good time.

They're like whatever. And the look on his parents face was absolutely priceless. And they looked at me like, are you allowing this to happen? I'm just sitting there like, all right. So let's move on. It's like, anyway, here's the cupid shuffle. All right. I want to teach you how to wobble. Now, everybody look at me. All right. Here we go. Alright, so to wrap this thing up, guys, I want to ask each of you to give us just a lasting piece of advice that you have, right?

So, we've talked a lot about M. C. S. We've talked a lot about finding the right DJ for you. We've talked about the different personalities of different DJs that you can have for the wedding and those who can fulfill kind of the vision that you have for your reception. So just one at a time, what's the best piece of this? I've been going first. All right. All right. So, I think the last final piece of advice I'm going to say, I think it's all points of the personality.

I think that when you're interviewing that person, it's not about always the answers you're giving. It's that feeling of, hey, what is this connection feels like right now? It's kind of like, you know when you get when you're going on the first date and you realize, hmm, I like this person, I'm not saying we're dating R M C S but you get the idea like you're gonna be able to fill that connection pretty instantly and I think, I think we've all done those consultations right, when the bride walks out, even us, we go, we're gonna do their wedding, no doubt, like you just know the relationship is going to be good, so I think, I think that feeling is you just trust your gut instinct, I'll piggyback off of what Sean said because he kind of touched on it, you know, as a couple, you went out with the guy or the girl for the first time to see if you were a compatible match with this person, so you're almost kind of coming into sean from jumping jukeboxes office or myself or Justin from uptown, you kind of just having that first date and like you said in your instagram and I keep going back to it, go on a couple like, you know, consultations or dates with, you know, idea, but but I do, I think that that's important because look man, I've literally had a couple of emails back and go, hey we met with you, we did love you, but you know, we're gonna go with Justin from uptown my replies, you're going to have a really good time, you're gonna do an amazing job at your wedding or hey, you know, we, we, we just went with Sean, you know, or or when, you know blake was jumping like we love blake's personality, we're gonna go up like 100% you're gonna have a killer time.

And so, and it was because, like you said, it was because of that personality, 100% as they met with me and sure I'm a nice guy, but they met with blake and he was just such a joy to be around. So they were like, we're gonna go with blake and I never, never in my life, like it's a little bum, like your little bum because like there's such a cool couple, but you're happy in the end that they went with either of us just because we all do such a great job, we're so passionate about this 100% and and around all that off, I think that goes back to you mentioned the passionate part, look for somebody is authentic about what they do, if they love what they do and then there's a good chance that your day is going to go off without a hitch.

I mean, in terms of they're going to do their best job for you on your day, so the authentic piece, I think is very, very important. Yeah, I'll wrap the conversation up with this unless Preston, you got something you want to add, I think the biggest thing about that initial meeting that you are finding the match and I think that you're 100% right and that's been said often during this conversation, but you're really looking for the person you can trust right? More so than anything you're looking for, the person that you can trust.

And I think that there's no way that you can kind of find that out. There's no way to discover that without sitting across the table from that person or zoom caller. You know, if your remote or whatever, but actually talking to them face to face and asking them these very quality questions that you guys were talking about earlier. Like asking them the right questions That's going to lead you to figure out if they're going to be there and don't be afraid to ask them the difficult questions either, like, like, you know, drill them, drill them hard, 100%.

It's the only way you're gonna find out. Did you have something about that present? I didn't, you know, I think we already putting a press ready to go Friday afternoon, then we will wrap this up guys, thank you so much and really quickly, just where can people find you if they have questions or if they want to make you go first this time for once, go ahead. My name is Sean. A lot of people know me as radio shorty and I'm the owner of Premier Party Entertainment.

You can find us at P P E D J S dot com or at p p e D J s on Instagram as we have made it abundantly clear. My name is also Sean. I work with jumping G box and you can find us online at jumping gearbox online dot com. We're also on Facebook and Instagram as jumping the box and my name is Nathan. I am the owner of angle life Photography based here in Greenville south Carolina. Guys, I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have had your attention and for you to spend a little bit of time listening.

Hopefully if you're the person who's listening to this, you are an intentional couple and you're an intentional couple who's trying to plan fulfilling wedding. Until next time I talk to you soon here, angle life photography. We believe marriage is an amazing adventure and your wedding is the jumping off point. We'll explore planning authentic and meaningful wedding experience as we connect with real life couples and the industry's top professionals. We're here to inspire and encourage you as you begin this journey of a lifetime

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