Mobile Cigar Lounge at Your Wedding Reception

Greenville, SC

Nick Brown – Owner and creator of Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge

Sitting down with Nick Brown, owner of the Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge, was such an incredible experience. Talking in depth about the details of this modern lounge really allowed us to learn a lot about the full experience.

After taking a tour of both the inside and outside of the mobile lounge, we’ve come to one conclusion – this would be an awesome addition to any wedding in the Greenville, SC area.

From a full ventilation system, bar, open windows, and even lounge seating outside, this mobile lounge concept provides such a fun and relaxing open atmosphere for your guests!

The best part about this whole thing is the bang you get for your buck. You’re not just purchasing and providing a cigar store on wheels for your wedding guests, you’re providing a total experience. An experience that is loaded with knowledge, craft, and truly learning the art behind cigars,

Nick talks about how the cigar industry is very similar to the beer/brewery/wine world – there are tons and tons of different brands and companies doing different things.

It is so exciting to watch such a unique idea grow into such a successful new addition to weddings. We can’t wait to chat with Nick again soon!

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Some of the topics we discussed in this episode…

  • Different pricing and packages
  • The layout of the mobile lounge
  • Learn about the craft of cigars
  • The growing amount of different companies and brands of cigars
  • Truly providing an experience
  • So much more!

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