How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer Tip #2

Tip #2

When you begin your search for a wedding photographer in Greenville SC, you’re going to find a ton of studios who will have pricing right on their website, and many who ask for a meeting to take the next steps before booking! A lot of couples are terrified to sit down with the studio they’re interested in – here’s a huge reason to do it anyway.

This is a huge step in finding your perfect wedding photographer!

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Hey, everybody. My name is Nathan, owner of Angled Light Photography based here in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m here today to give you three quick tips to find your perfect wedding photographer.

Tip number two, go sit down with the photographer or the studio that you’re interested in. Heck, sit down with three. And the reason why I think so many couples avoid or don’t want to do this is for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, they’re scared to make a commitment and they don’t want to tell anyone no. If you go and you sit down with the photographer and it’s not a good fit, and you don’t want to hire that photographer for whatever reason, it always feels bad to say no to that photographer, to say, “Hey, we went with somebody else.” I know here at Angle Light Photography, the whole reason that we want to have meetings with our couples before they book is to make sure that we’re a good fit, to make sure that our beliefs and our values lines up with the couples beliefs and the couples values.

It’s a big deal. You want to surround yourself on your wedding day with people that you want to spend time with. And honestly, you want to have complete trust in the people that are around you as well. The only way you’re going to get a sense of whether that’s going to be the case or not is if you sit down with them, face to face and spend an hour learning about what makes that studio unique and what makes that studio different.

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