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Bride and Groom exit Hawkesdene Private Estate Wedding

I still remember meeting Kim & Corey for the first time.

It was 2019 & we met in a local coffee shop. They had reached out because they were interested in having ALP document their story & I’ll never forget when they told me their vision for their wedding. At the time I hadn’t heard of many other couples doing it and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. They wanted to have an entire wedding weekend at the incredible Hawkesdene Private Estate Wedding Venue – and they wanted a photographer to be there to document the whole thing.

Kim & Corey – An Intentional Couple

Besides the wedding coordinator, a couple’s wedding photographer is probably the one wedding professional that is most connected with the couple throughout the wedding planning process. I’ve joked with my friends that weddings are a lot like children. When you arrive to the wedding you sometimes ask yourself… “why is this wedding this way”?

Then you meet the weddings “parents” (the couple) and it all makes sense.

So what makes a wedding successful? I believe it’s all in how fulfilled the couple is at the end of the night. When they walk out of the reception get in the car and take off to their honeymoon the successful weddings have couples who look at each other and say “I wish could relive that day everyday for the rest of my life”.

So how do brides and grooms get to experience those kinds of weddings? Essentially, I’ve noticed the more intentional a couple is in the wedding planning process the more likely they are to feel fulfilled when the wedding day is over.

Kim and Corey intentionally worked to design their wedding around the things that mattered most to them. The foundation of all their decisions rested around the relationships that mattered most to them. It was what drove all their decisions around designing a fulfilling wedding experience. They wanted to create space to spend real quality time with the people who had shaped and molded them into who they are. This drove them to find a beautiful and remote wedding venue that could comfortably provide for a unique and meaningful experience. They chose to have this experience at the Hawkesdene Private Estate. It was the perfect location that allowed them to create a relationship focused atmosphere in the place the loved the most… the outdoors.

The Hawkesdene Private Estate – A Venue Built for Quality Time

Arriving to Hawkesdene you instantly feel disconnected from life in the best way possible. Hawkesene is located in Andrews, North Carolina and it’s a private estate that’s nestled among the trees surrounded by beautiful mountains. The main house was built along Phillips Creek so you’re able to hear the calm running water almost anywhere in the Hawkesdene Private Estate. The main house is where the chefs of Hawkesdene serve breakfast, lunch & dinner every day. It’s also where couples can find comfortable living spaces to gather with family or kick back with friends. While I was there Friday it was common to walk into the Main House or out to the balcony overlooking Phillips Creek to see friends and family gathered around the table playing cards or catching up.

To hear how Kim & Corey thought about their wedding planning you can listen in to our conversation here!

After the ceremony the party quickly heated up! Right after the toasts Kim & Corey had an incredible live music performance to kick off the reception! It was hard to leave, but we were able to escape for a few quick seconds to ride to the top of the mountain for a killer view & some romantic portraits.

Special thanks to Kim & Corey for inviting me along for this incredibly wild ride. I had so much fun getting to be a small part of your story & getting to witness such a well planned wedding come to life!

All the awesome wedding professionals who made this day possible!

Venue, Accommodations, Coordination and Catering
Hawkesdene Private Estate

Hair & Makeup Artist
Asheville Beauty Bar

Floral Artist
Andrews Florist

Live Music & DJ
Jazz Revolution

Angled Light Photography

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