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For the past nine years, Megan Meier has been a consultant of Pure Romance in the Upstate of South Carolina. After chatting in this episode of the podcast, Megan made one this very clear – she LOVES what she does.

Pure Romance is an in home party planning company for women specializing in lotion, lingerie, bedroom necessities and other wellness items.

While bachelorette parties are among her most popular, she’s also attended Pure Romance events for birthday parties, baby showers, “back on the market” parties, girl’s trips – the list is endless!

We discussed the initial taboo some women sense when discovering Pure Romance. Megan has such an amazing way to go about those feelings of insecurity, and make women feel truly comfortable and open to the experience.

“We don’t realize how we can be an advocate for our own health and wellness as we age, or maybe identify what feels good. We’re all created the same way, we all have a lot of the same similar wants, needs, and desires. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, your needs are valid and warranted and they deserve to be stated and addressed” says Megan.

Megan’s goal is to build long term relationships with her clients, and create a safe, honest, and open environment for women to confidently talk about their needs and wants.

“It’s been amazing to be the person that’s there for these women, in so many different capacities while they’re going through many different stages of their life” says Megan.

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Some of the topics we discussed in this episode…

  • Bachelorette party ideas
  • Creating a safe, open, and honest space for women
  • Feelings of this being a taboo topic, and how Megan overcomes and communicates with her clients
  • Bringing women together to take control of their own happiness
  • Ways to boost your confidence in yourself and your relationship
  • So much more!

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