Finding the Right Wedding DJ with Sean McGroarty

Greenville, SC

Sean McGroarty – DJ Shorty on 93.7 in Greenville SC!

If you’re looking for the best party possible – find the right DJ! Sean McGroarty, also known as DJ Shorty on B 93.7, takes us through all the ins and outs of what makes a great wedding DJ. Sean is the owner of PPE Event Group which coordinates DJs, photo booths, lighting, & catering for weddings and events. Find all his contact info below to get in touch.

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Finding and hiring the right DJ for your wedding day is a big deal! The experience your family and guests have at your wedding is largely dependent on the entertainment you bring in for that night.

Great DJs can light up a dance floor and make your wedding day one of the most memorable parties of the year! They know how to read the room – play the right music for the moment and help guide your guests through a fun and relaxing evening with you and your new husband/wife as the focus.

I was excited to talk with Sean McGroarty – one of my favorite wedding DJs in the industry. This guy has a ton of experience in radio – currently hosting the afternoon show on B93.7 – and he is able to bring that experience to his couples, delivering an incredible wedding reception every single weekend.

Sit in and listen to our conversation as we uncover the art of being an incredible wedding DJ.

Some of the topics we cover in the episode…

  • What makes an amazing wedding DJ
  • What the different DJ “styles” are and how to choose the right fit for your wedding
  • The importance of having a DJ and an emcee for your wedding day
  • How to be involved in planning and selecting music for your wedding day
  • How to have DJs help with music throughout the wedding ceremony
  • How to find the right DJ for a wedding day
  • How lights can create high impact experiences for your reception

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Connect with Sean McGroarty & PPE Event Group

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