How to Find the Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

Greenville, SC

Greenville SC Wedding Photographer
Kennedy Kapanzhi

Kennedy Kapanzhi, Wedding Coordinator at Edinburgh West & The Gassaway Mansion, takes us through all the things couples should consider when finding the perfect wedding venue for their wedding.

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Every bride wants her dream wedding.

Finding the right location for your wedding and/or your reception is a huge part of pulling off that dream. Often couples know exactly what type of venue they want when they start their search, but after getting to tour several places end up with hard decisions to make.

Is this place large enough? Is it unique enough? Do I feel inspired to have my wedding here? Does it fit our vision for an outdoor or indoor wedding? Does it fit in our budget?

It’s tough finding the wedding venue of your dreams! It’s one of the first decisions you have to make in your wedding planning – so I wanted to focus our first show on Weddings from the Pros with a venue pro who genuinely gives 110% to each bride and couple she works with.

Greenville SC Wedding Photographer
Image by Cameron Budove

Kennedy has grown up around weddings her whole life – and she is now the wedding coordinator for Edinburgh West, a beautiful new venue in the Upstate of South Carolina. You can get an inside look at Edinburgh West here.

After talking a little about wedding venues, we moved on to discuss why attending a wedding festival is a great idea for brides looking to get a lot of their vendor work done quickly!

Some of the topics we cover in the episode…

  • Best advice for helping brides decide which type of wedding venue is best for their vision
  • Tips on what couples should look out for when touring wedding venues
  • Biggest tips for brides who are currently planning their wedding day
  • What couples can do to help make their wedding day a success with the wedding venue they picked
  • Why Wedding Festivals are beneficial for brides
  • Top tips to get the most value out of a bridal show

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Venues mentioned in the Podcast:

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