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Episode 71 with Nathan and Kate Ryan

A destination wedding can either be a delightful or a dreadful experience, and no couple would ever wish to have the latter. In this episode, Kate Ryan of Gold Leaf Events talks about the elements that contribute to planning and creating destination weddings plus tips on how to ensure that it will be an amazing, unforgettable experience.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why having a good relationship with your Destination coordinator is so important when it comes to the success of your wedding.
  • How your wedding Coordinator explains where your wedding is and what are the things they can do to improve your plan and make it to a reality.
  • Why your Destination coordinator should be knowledgeable on the location you want to be in.
  • What you should consider when planning a Destination wedding.
  • Providing a complete detail for your guest and what to expect for.

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Here at Angled Light photography, we believe marriage is an amazing adventure and your wedding is the jumping off point. We'll explore planning an authentic and meaningful wedding experience as we connect with real life couples and the industry's top professionals. We're here to inspire and encourage you as you begin this journey of a lifetime. Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of weddings from the pros. I am glad that you hear, my name is Nathan, owner of Single Life Photography based in Greenville south Carolina. I am excited to get to talk about destination weddings today with honestly guys who I consider to be one of the coordinators and designers who really leads the charge when it comes to creating high end luxury experiences in the destination wedding space and that's Kate Ryan kate, how you doing good, how are you doing?

I was doing so good, thank you for being here, I'm happy to do it. Yeah, so I'm going to read a little bit about you really quick Kate and then we'll kind of dive into your story just a little bit and get started with your story. So Kate has been planning events for as long as she can remember from family functions, to group travel for friends, her attention to detail and dedication to creating memorable experiences for those around her has been a passion of hers from the beginning, Kate was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, but eventually found herself in aspen Colorado, that's where gold leaf events was born.

Founding Gold Leaf events in 2013 proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of her professional career As Gold Leaf quickly became recognized as a world class luxury event design and coordination firm in aspen Colorado and worldwide. The positive feedback from clients and the industry alike led to the expansion of Gold Leafs team to the east coast in 2017. Kate is an extremely dedicated advocate for her clients, someone who finds beauty and natural untouched settings and a friend who knows no limits and her expression of love. These qualities touch every aspect of the work she produces.

So okay guys, I'm really excited to hear, thanks so much for being part of the podcast and I'm really excited to share your story with our audience. So first, just tell us a little bit, I know I read it a little bit in your bio, but just tell us a little bit about how was gold leaf events started. So gold leaf events started, I moved to Aspen um when I was pretty young, so I moved out there with the plan to go into event planning and I got a job starting at another event planning company that was a startup at the time and I became incredibly close to one of my bosses who became later became my business partner, her name is Chelsea um and I worked with her for a couple of years and I felt like I really got a understanding of the event industry in aspen from there, I decided I thought I was going to move back to Chicago where I'd come from originally and life had different plans.

I had a cliff diving accident. I had friends the week before I was supposed to move back to Chicago, I was jumping off cliffs into water at in Lake Powell and I shattered all of the bones in my left foot and so all of the procedures and everything kept me in aspen longer than I anticipated. And my mom was just really adamant about me spending that time while I was recovering doing something purposeful and that's really how Gold leaf was born. And at that time I had already left my position at the previous event planning company, but Chelsea had decided to part ways as well and so she and I started Gold Leaf together and that's really how we got started, that's that's awesome.

Okay, so first I got to say like if you're going to have an entryway into becoming an event coordinator, designer, cliff diving accident is definitely one of the coolest ways that you can tell people that you got started. I mean that's just come on, like that's just yeah, so I had a cliff diving accident and I got started as a wedding and event coordinator. That's really cool. So one thing that sticks out to me is your mom said that you should do something purposeful that you should spend your time doing something purposeful?

I'm just kind of like for you, how did you find purpose in doing an event design and building an event design company? Since I have been doing it before. I knew that I was good at it. I knew that I really enjoyed doing it and I had also built really amazing relationships with previous clients that I had stayed in touch with and even though we had worked on their weddings or other events in the past, they were also bringing us into the fold on other events, whether they be social events or company corporate events that for their companies or things like that.

So I felt that I had all of everything that I needed in order to start the company using the knowledge that I already had and then it just unraveled from there. That's cool, wow! Well, so your company is, was started in Aspen Colorado, which I can tell you from firsthand experience, like Aspen is if outdoors is your thing, one of the most beautiful places that you're going to find in the entire country. I got, I had the opportunity to go and be a part of an engagement session there.

It was kind of a destination engagement session because they had met in Colorado, the couple had met in colorado and and it was absolutely stunning. So I am incredibly jealous that you get to spend so much time there, it's, it's amazing. So do you find, is that a big destination wedding location Aspen Colorado? Is that a place that people come to a lot or do they typically live in the area and they choose to get married in aspen. Typically our couples have some relationship to aspen, maybe they grew up skiing, there may be one of their family members has a house, there something along the lines of connecting them to the area, although now with instagram and all the social media presence, there are some, some couples that call that, ask about venues and say they've never traveled there been there, which we always strongly recommend doing before they go to contract with the venue or commit to having their wedding in Aspen just because it is a little bit like an island.

So you don't, it's not a big town, it's not a big city. There, there are a lot of logistics that go into planning events there and our venues are really limited. So if you don't have the accessibility to host a tented wedding on a private estate or you're not familiar with the altitude or the logistics that go into planning a wedding, let's say on top of Aspen mountain. Those are all things that we definitely want our couples to know before they get tied into contracts and decide to move forward with bringing all of their family and friends there.

Yeah, well and I think it's always so amazing, you know, it's funny that especially when you consider a destination wedding, that location has got some probably very particular ways that they do things right? That has got some, there's some considerations like you just spoke about altitude, like that's something that for us being in south Carolina, I could see somebody coming from charleston and going, I want to go to the most beautiful mountain location that you can find in colorado and Aspen is gonna be one of them, but obviously the altitude, like there's gonna be some considerations there, right?

So things like that, you know, people think that they want to have their destination in a really beautiful place but there's a lot to consider and there's a lot to think about and that's why I always kind of advocate for finding somebody like U. K. Who are who is intimately aware of the place and of the environment that they can connect with and they can find out about all the things that you don't know what you don't know, right? And that becomes especially true when you're talking about a destination wedding location.

So you mentioned earlier that a lot of the cases where people are coming to aspen is because of the maybe they have some kind of connection there. Their family may own some place there, maybe they ski there in the summers. So under the circumstances where someone has never been there before, you mentioned that they would typically come and see, are you you suggest they come and they see the place, right? Is that something that if you guys start the conversation and you guys start working with each other?

Is that something that you would actually maybe meet them and kind of help give them for lack of a better word. A little bit of a tour if they had never been to the place before so you can kind of show them the ins and outs of the area. We would definitely make recommendations of locations that they should scout and if we were to have already gone to contract we would absolutely escort them to all of the different venues and the locations and really go into the full planning process with them from the very beginning which we love to do.

But a lot of times couples if they are still just checking out locations or they're not really sure where they want to be, it's more beneficial for them to go to the location, stay in one of the hotels that they would have their guests stay in, Travel to the location from downtown aspen if it's outside of downtown aspen and really understand what the transportation process will be like for their guests and just put themselves in the position of their guests and for guest experience purposes. Um just because that really does play a role in the weekend and the event and some things that may be really important to some couples like altitude if they have older guests attending or someone with pre existing conditions or you're bringing older guests, these are all things that you would take into consideration during a site visit or when you come to just see aspen because those things play a role in your regular visits.

It's not like they just appear for your wedding weekend and that sometimes can not affect the couple's decision to host their wedding there, but sometimes it really can have an effect on their decisions and where they decide to go from there. Sure. Yeah, that makes total sense. Let me ask you something. So the couples that you work with that tend to have destination wedding locations. A lot of them, they might have kind of connection or a history with that location and it's meaningful to them. Right. That's why they want to have their wedding there.

But for a lot of the couples that you work with, why do they choose to have a destination wedding location? I mean is it doesn't really just revolve around the beautiful scenery or is there something about being able to, because you mentioned a wedding weekend, Right. Because these events, they tend to be kind of long and there's a lot of small times that the family and friends can gather and they can kind of do special things and do really fun things together. So I guess what I'm looking for is is there a reason beyond just a beautiful location that you find a lot of couples really enjoy having destination weddings.

Yes, I think that so many couples don't live where they grew up or they have made their way to different locations over the years and for different parts of their life, whether it be school or just they lived in jobs, different places can bring people different, for different reasons, can bring people to different places and so I think that there aren't a lot of weddings in hometowns anymore and so destination weddings have become more of the norm just because of the separation of family and friends from each other geographically.

Gotcha, that makes total sense. Alright, so let's say that somebody is thinking to themselves, hey, I need to find somebody like Kate. So just from like a 30,000 ft level, like how does a person go about, I mean obviously they probably have to have a destination in mind, like a place that they're wanting to have a wedding. What's like your biggest one or two tips to finding the right destination wedding coordinator for them? Like what should they be looking for? What are some signals that you're probably like, that's the, this is the wedding designer for me, this is the wedding coordinator for me, I think that it's really important that the wedding coordinator that they choose has experience or at least is very knowledgeable about the location that they're deciding on vendor relationships in these locations are really important and having a knowledge of, let's say we're talking about Aspen mountain, having a knowledge of how you get everything on a gondola up to the top of the mountain and someone that's going to facilitate all of that, that isn't going to result in you being fined by your venue for not following contract, contracted policies damaging the property.

Having vendors that aren't familiar with these things can result in your experience, planning experience being affected negatively. So I just think that having somebody that really has experience that you also get along with because you'll be talking to them nonstop lot, but having that relationship is great, but also making sure that your coordinator is really knowledgeable about where and what they're doing in the location that you want, I think is also just as important. Cool. So, so typically kind of talked me through because I, I can, I can hear a lot of couples right now thinking to themselves like what's the process of working with a destination coordinator look like, what does the process look like.

So, you know, when you start, let's say that they reach out probably the first step is they maybe they find you online, maybe there's a referral to you from possibly a venue that they're looking at and maybe they find you that way, which I'm sure is very common to once they reach out online and send you an email, an inquiry, what does the process look like from there, Like how do you guys figure out if you are a good fit if if what you do and how you do it is exactly what they would like to have and what they kind of have a vision for their wedding.

So we actually send all of our inquiry couples a questionnaire that we ask that they fill out and there are a lot of design questions in there. Um there are some budget questions in there. There are just questions about the couple in there and I think that that really helps us get an understanding of who the couple is and what they're envisioning for their wedding day and sometimes we are the right fit and other times when we're reading through their answers, it's that we don't necessarily think that we're the best fit for them.

So it just really depends on how they answer those questions, what's important to them. And luckily obviously there is so much access to our portfolio and our previous weddings and um work that we've done so aesthetically. Some couples know what their, know what we can provide for them, but us also really having a clear understanding of what they want and what their expectations are and how we can better their process. That's just as important to That's awesome. Yeah. And I think that's so important. One of the things that we've been talking a lot about around here in the studio is that a lot of times couples when they get married, they tend to start the process kind of backwards, right?

They start either with kind of like this checklist that they can find or they will, you know, start to research creatives and try to find the right creatives for their wedding. When in reality, the first thing you should do is ask yourself some really important questions, right? And and have a lot of clarity around who you are as a couple, what the character of your relationship is, what kind of experience you would like to see for yourselves and your guests, when you're able to have those conversations with your significant other when you can come to the table and be able to come, I think to a wedding designer like yourself and really know what it is that you're looking for.

It makes the whole process a lot easier and a lot smoother. For sure. You don't have to have. I don't think every question answered right? Like, yeah, like, there's gonna be a lot of stuff that you don't know, and that's okay. Again, that's what wedding professionals like us, it's like, that's what that's what our role is, is to help you through those questions that you have. But I think the a lot of times, I think that the biggest disappointments that people have when it comes to, you know, in their choosing of a wedding professional, is that a lot of times they just wasn't they weren't clear up front and they weren't honest up front, like that's one of the biggest things, especially when you start talking about budget and things like that, like they weren't honest upfront about what they wanted, what their expectations were and what the budget was that they were working with and that leads to a lot of friction or it could lead to a lot of friction down the road.

I mean, I think that's probably one of the biggest piece of advice that I always give couples is it's incredibly important to be honest with the wedding professionals that you're talking to. Like, really honest, right? Because that's how we're able to figure out if we can serve you well or if maybe we need to help you find somebody that that can serve you better than we could write just because we're not as comfortable and it's not are, you know, it's not our spheres expertise, what you're looking for isn't what we do.

So we can help you find somebody, but you know, that person might not be us. I think that's incredibly wise. Absolutely. And we always are willing to give recommendations. I've had calls with certain couples that maybe the budget wasn't there, but I really wanted to help them out and they're so sweet and you do go over and above for people that may not even contract you and give them some local recommendations or vendors that, you know, are more cost effective or that might fit them better and they're so appreciative for that.

So I think having those conversations and like you said, keeping the conversation really honest only will help them in the long run. 100% 100%. Okay, so I always like to ask every designer, every coordinator what's probably the two or three biggest pieces of advice that you have for couples who are kind of in the midst right now, they just got engaged there listening to this podcast. They're excited. Right, what are the two or three pieces of advice that you would like to give every couple that's listening right now?

Well, first of all, congratulations. It's very exciting time. It should be a really fun process I'd say especially for destination weddings, important factors to consider would be capacity. There is a lot of really beautiful venues, but when you start getting into the planning process, you'll understand that maybe their guest count capacity is 80 or 100 people and if you're coming into it with 300 people, that might be a deal breaker right off the bat. I'd also say noise ordinances, there are a lot of really gorgeous locations in places where you can't have amplified music past nine or 10 o'clock, Most of California is even like that.

Um, so that sometimes can also be a deal breaker. If there isn't a location that you can move to, that's inside so that you can keep that celebration going for longer. I'd say those two are really important early on in the planning process to be asking about. And then my last piece of advice I would say especially with destination weddings as well is give your guests an over amount of more information that they can even need for travel planning, anything that you can list on the website that will take pressure off of guests reaching out to you personally and asking these questions if you would ask it or you would look into it for your own travel needs assume that that's what's going to be asked to you is from your guests.

So the more that you can put out there and give them early on, the less they're going to be contacting you for that information, which I think makes the whole process more seamless. 100%. Yeah, and you don't, that's a great piece of advice because we're huge here at trying to swim upstream of problems before it's a problem, get ahead of it and figure out how you can communicate that that issue. I think that's great. Is that something that you would help couples with is trying to like all those because the thing with destination weddings, it's not just that you're and a lot of cases having kind of an extended celebration, right?

So there's a lot of things on the schedule that's happening throughout a couple of days, but it is all the travel logistics, right? The logistics is a is a massive challenge. So is that something that you kind of help couples think through. It's like, these are the typical questions, this is probably what, you know, that that wedding website that you're creating becomes even more important to communicate with people. So is that something that you kind of help couples through? We definitely helped them through it in terms of what, what they need to have listed on their wedding website.

We felt like something was missing will help them with the content to fill their wedding website in terms of the logistics themselves. We do work with travel agents like ever after honeymoons is a great one and we've worked with Katie for years. She and her team will help with the actual logistics, meaning booking flights, booking hotel rooms, really ground transportation outside of the event specific related transportation means, but anything for just personal travel, getting to the destination, having a clear understanding of what that venue or location has to offer.

We do outsource that or give our, our couples sources for that. Yeah, that's awesome. So what's probably one of the biggest misconceptions that you feel like couples have about destination weddings that they're going to be less expensive then doing something at home. You know, it's a bigger expense for your guests. It's definitely a bigger expense for the couple, you're like, we've talked about throughout this, you know, this entire conversation, you're talking about multiple events, not just one day you're, you're bringing guests to a location where they don't live that they don't know the restaurants, they don't know where to go.

You're really facilitating all of that for them. So I just think that we get calls and we're couples will say we want to come to aspen because it will be so beautiful. We won't need any décor because we can just be outside. It just doesn't work out that way. You really do have to still think about the guest experience and what they're, you know, contributing by obviously attending an event in a destination location, but the things that need to be provided in order to make that a successful event really does increase costs and add to your bottom line. Yeah.

You know, it's so funny, what I've discovered in talking with couples is that a lot of times they will see, let's just say that they'll see a wedding in any bridal publication, whether it be online on a blog or in an actual magazine, they'll kind of see that. And they just kind of assume that that's what it's gonna look like, right? Without really taking into consideration, will know that like that space does not look like that, right? Normally, like, like they don't realize that when you're going and let's say that you're gonna, you're gonna book the venue.

Well, there's probably gonna be a pretty sizable budget for décor and styling the venue to make sure that it looks like that. Like if that's what you want, that's not all inclusive all the time, right? Like it's not just going to be that way when you show up. And again, it kind of goes back to ensuring that you find somebody like yourself that can kind of help them through that process and find the right local professionals and and to be able to recreate if you're recreating something, recreate that vision, you know, to me, I think that's one of the biggest things they feel like they're gonna show up and it's just going to look like that.

And a lot of times that was a collaborative team effort on part of all the people, the venue, the designer, the floral designer, the caterers, the photographer, the videographer, like the whole team altogether. Absolutely. And I think also couples will call and ask, okay, how much was this wedding? But so many different factors play into what a wedding costs. What one group may have hired a DJ for, let's say $5000 and another group could have hired a band for $100,000 that already creates an entire Yeah. So I just think that comparing weddings is also something I would recommend couples not really do from a cost perspective because there are so many different things.

Even if we're talking about catering, whether you're serving caviar or you're serving like fried chicken or something. There's going to be a difference in cost that really add to each of these different couples, budgets and those are things that I don't think couples may understand when they're first starting in the planning process. 100%. These different weddings online. 100%. And I can't agree with you more. And one big theme of our show in our studio is that we want every wedding to be a reflection of the couple. We think that that's to us, that's what's more fun, right?

Like we don't want to go to the same event every single weekend. We want the couple to be able to weave their story, so to speak, kind of throughout the wedding weekend or the wedding day. And I think that you're right, I think it's to compare, you know what you kind of have a vision for with what somebody else has done. That's very, very difficult. This is probably one of the places that it's gonna be the most difficult thing to do that because there is no standards, right?

Like there is, there is no one way to do anything. And so, you know, I think that that's kind of a big thing to kind of keep in the back of your mind for sure. Okay, so let's go ahead and let's start to wrap up here. Alright. K so just to wrap up. So this is one of the things that we've started doing with every one of our podcast here. I'd love to ask you about a recent wedding, it could be the last year, whatever a recent wedding that you did, that was just really inspirational for you, that you think that you'll pretty much remember for the rest of your life.

So they're all really inspirational and I am so lucky that I have such amazing relationships with a lot of my clients, almost all of them, I just, I love them and so they're all inspirational for different reasons because of the time that I spent working on these weddings with the couples. But I did post one today that actually vogue featured and it was held at the late Clarke's estate in Malibu. It's called goals way, It's an absolutely beautiful property. But what was really inspirational about it is that our client was a, is a songwriter.

And so I felt like there, like you were talking about earlier bringing each wedding needs to represent the couple and I felt like this location for this couple and this couple also was originally getting married in Big Sur and then with Covid, they ended up moving to Malibu and we found this property and I really feel like it was for the best. Just because of that relationship with music and you could really feel it when you were on the property that it was the right place. The design was absolutely beautiful.

The couple couldn't have been sweeter. Their friends were array of incredibly talented musicians that most of which you performed. But it really just was so special because of that relationship between where they were and who was getting married and the importance of music to them into the property, and I thought that was really cool. That's really cool. Just tell us where we can find that. As you said, it's on your website, you posted on your blog, What's your website address, Instagram? So, at gold event? Yes, So their highlight videos up on our Instagram and vogue featured it.

So it will also be on the press page on our website, but you can see the pictures, you can watch the video. It was a really cool event and the wedding was just beautiful, and the couple couldn't have been sweeter, and it was just a great experience overall, and I'm just happy that I was able to be a part of it. Yeah, That's awesome. So, you mentioned the venue just really resonated with a couple and it felt, right, you know, like how do you with a couple?

How do you go through the process? Because that's, to me, that's one of the biggest centerpieces of planning a wedding, right? Like, the biggest question that really everything else is based off of for the most part, right? Like how you're gonna style? Is that how you're gonna the décor that you're gonna use, you can't book any wedding creatives until you have the date, right? So, like, you can have a date until you until you have the venue. So it's like the biggest, most central piece of the wedding puzzle to place.

So I'm just curious like how do you go through trying to work with a couple to find the right spot because it does, like it Not only is it needed up front to do everything else throughout the wedding planning journey, but like it, it is kind of a, it's a big deal, like to find something that feels reflective of the couple and feels right, like that makes everybody feel comfortable and like when you arrive, the best weddings that I've ever been to, I arrive and I look around and I take a deep breath and I'm like, yes, like this is them, this is 100% them.

So like how do you work with a couple to find that place? It's a process for sure. We have, when we're involved from, for the couple has a venue which we were in the case of the wedding that I'm talking about here, You start going through, we create a spreadsheet and we start going through those, a little bit of those design questions or just what is really important to the couple for this couple. They really resonated with being outdoors, as I mentioned, they were originally getting married in Big Sur, that's a really tranquil beautiful place.

They wanted to stay in the state of California, that's where they live. So all of that played a role. And and then honestly, I also sometimes rely on some of my other colleagues in the event industry world. I started talking to a couple of them about locations that might be a better fit for this couple now that Big Sur wasn't no longer an option due to travel restrictions. And I think the whole event industry really came together during Covid to try to help each other out, especially with postponements and trying to find locations, availability and then you're trying to get all of the other vendors available on the same date that you had already contracted and it was fully like Tetris.

But this venue came to me through to other event planners that I'm friends with that are based in California and I started looking through pictures and I started sending them to our bride and she lived in the area luckily and so she was able to head right over there, check it out. And it was just, I think when the couples know they know it's a little bit about what you were saying, you take a deep breath and you thought to yourself, this is so my friends who are getting married, I think that's a little bit about how this went for this couple.

She went there, she took family members there. It just felt right and I think that really actually ended up being a location for her that meant more than our original plan and Big Sur and I do feel actually after going through so many covid postponements that that happens more than more than we thought that they kind of shifted gears and their postponed wedding ended up being even more than what they when they originally had been anticipated. And I think that that really was the light at the end of that crazy tunnel because that's what you want, you want the couple to feel like we made all of the right decisions, we picked the place that was best for us.

This represents us the most and and that definitely was the case with this wedding for sure. That's cool. That's awesome. So my last question that I have for you is what's probably the thing that you know, you spoke to, the fact that you kind of have a really solid relationship with the people that you're working with even after the fact even after the wedding is over, what do you feel like is the biggest factor in a wedding that leads to it being more fulfilling for couples than anything else?

I mean, what do you feel like there's something in the wedding planning process that leads to a more fulfilling wedding. That's what I want to ask. Do you feel like there's anything in the process that leads to a more fulfilling wedding for the couple? I think that if they really stay true to what they want as a couple. I think some of the difficulties people experience is when you really start worrying about what everybody else thinks and also taking other outsiders information. I think it's more difficult when it's apparent or somebody that's contributing to the cost.

I think that becomes a little bit more difficult because they're say does matter more in a sense, but I think that the couples really that feel the most fulfilled at the end of the process are the ones that really did what they wanted and what really represented them as a couple and they didn't worry so much about what other people thought or what this couple did. There are so many meetings that we sit in and couples start referencing all these people that of course we have never heard of or we haven't seen their wedding or we weren't there.

And they start saying, well, I don't want to do my first stance then because jenny and Jack did it at this time. You know, so, and then we're going through this whole process now based off of where they've been or what weddings they've been to. And that's really not the process that we take, it's really what's best for their event and what's best for them as a couple and their wedding and their wedding venue and the sunlight and all of these other things that we tried that we factor and I think the comparisons are what causes the problem and if they really just stay true to what is best for them, the location that they're in, what will make them happy that they'll feel the most fulfilled at the end of the process.

Yes, man, that's such great advice. Like I, I honestly could not have said that better myself, so thank you so much. Alright, so, okay, this has been awesome. I really appreciate all the insight, all the advice, all the great nuggets of wisdom that you're sharing with people who is getting started in their wedding planning journey right now. Where can people find you? You mentioned your Instagram earlier mentioned that one more time, but where else can people find you to get more information about you and gold leaf events?

Yes, so our website is gold leaf event dot com and then our Instagram is at gold leaf event. So again, that's singular, not plural, but you can find us on Instagram or our website is a great source as well and you can always reach out to us, direct message or email or you can find all of the ways to connect with us. I think it's pretty easy to find. That's awesome. Well Kate before we get off, is there any last minute things that you want to say or anything that you feel like you'd like to talk about before you end the podcast?

I don't think so, Thank you so much for having me. I think that couples that are knowledgeable going into the planning process are going to be that much better off when they're in it. So just having them listen to you and you talking to all these different people that really have experience going through this I think is just really going to benefit the couple throughout the process and just having all of this information. I think a lot of couples that got married long before podcasts even existed mentioned now, I wish I had all the information or the sources for the information to have told me this before I got married or to have told me this before I invested this amount of money in X, Y or Z when I would have done it differently.

And so I think just having this as a source is so beneficial for couples that are engaged right now. So thank you. Oh, that's incredible. Thank you Kate. That means, so that means so much. All right, well thank you. So guys, if you're looking for and and we talked a lot about aspen during our conversation, but it sounds very much like they can go just about anywhere that you would like to go if you have, if you've got something in mind, if you've got a place that is meaningful to you and you are the kind of couple who's wanting to create a meaningful and fulfilling wedding experience Kate Ryan and gold leaf events that is going to be your go to girl.

You need to reach out to her. You need to start the conversation to find out if you're going to be the right fit, go really quick and just do some research. But you know, if you've got a destination in mind, I'm sure that they can help you from either their aspen office or their office there in New York Kate again one more time. Thank you so much for being with us. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your valuable insight. Thank you so much here, angle like photography, we believe marriage is an amazing adventure and your wedding is the jumping off point.

We'll explore planning an authentic and meaningful wedding experience as we connect with real life couples and the industry's top professionals. We're here to inspire and encourage you as you begin this journey of a lifetime.

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