COVID-19 and Your Wedding Day: What You Need To Know

Well, to put it simply, things have gotten pretty crazy pretty quickly.

Chances are you’re (hopefully) sitting in the comfort of your home, trying to stay away from the COVID-19 sickness as best you can! 

Chances also are, if you are newly engaged or in the middle of your wedding day planning, you are a bit stressed out.

Some thoughts running through your head might include: Can I still have my wedding? Should I cancel or postpone my wedding? If so, how in the world do I do that? Should I send a new save the date to my guests?

The questions, no doubt, are endless.

We are here to try and ease some of your stress, and provide you with some stellar links with all the information you should need. We’ve looked at and read through numerous blog posts that have covered Covid-19 and any questions you might have surrounding your wedding day.

Let’s get down to business. Our first piece of advice is probably the most important so listen closely.

Stay Calm!

The most important thing right now, through all of this, is to stay calm. 

Keep breathing. Keep your mental health in check and keep telling yourself that everything will get figured out! 

Keep a positive mindset as best you can. We are all going through this together, and we are all figuring out how to handle things the best we possibly can.

Should I Cancel/Postpone My Wedding?

This is up there as one of the biggest questions right now. We found a great article on that covered a lot of questions surrounding this topic. 

What to Know if You’re Planning a Wedding Curing the Coronavirus Pandemic

In their article, they quote: “As of March 15, 2020, there is one thing we know for certain: The CDC has officially recommended the cancellation of weddings in the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-may.” 

So basically, the immediate concern is surrounding the weddings coming up within the next 2 months. 

Their advice for weddings after that time period – around June/July and later into the fall – keep your date for now. That’s not to say your plans won’t change, but with how quickly things are changing on a daily basis, it is impossible to predict that far into the future. 

Just be sure to stay in close contact with your wedding planner and/or your vendors to keep an open line of communication. Also, continue to stay up to date with the news and how things continue to change. Be prepared to make decisions accordingly, based on how and if the virus continues to progress. 

They go on to talk about what to do for international weddings, travel guidelines for both you and your guests, shopping for your wedding/bridesmaids dresses, if you’re in the beginning stages of planning and more. 

This leads us to our next point of advice.

How to Postpone/Cancel Your Wedding

This (unfortunately) is for the wedding dates within the next two months. 

From what details to take into account, what it will cost, how to let your guests know, what to discuss with your vendors and more, has an article answering all of these questions. 

Need to Postpone (or Cancel) Your Wedding? Here’s How to Do It

They interviewed and spoke to professionals in the field, and we are going to try and highlight just a few points for you.

First, make sure you are staying current with all the different contracts you have for your wedding day. Dig into the contracts and familiarize yourself with any cancellation policies, and specific details on circumstances that are out of your control.

Second, prepare for some possible additional costs when it comes to canceling or postponing. Work with your vendors, and communicate with them as far as the best possible course of action.

Next, definitely let your guests know what is going on! 

Whether you already have a new date squared away, or you just want to inform everyone of your plan to reschedule, just send out an email, text, or phone call. Let them know that as of right now, your original wedding date is being changed due to Covid-19, and within the next week or two you will send a follow-up with the new date.

Need some more help wording your email/text/phone call? Here’s a link that might help: 

How Should We Tell Our Guests That We’re Postponing Our Wedding?

Above all, remember our first piece of advice from earlier: stay calm! Tell your family and friends helping out to stay calm with you. Stay informed on the news and updates, but don’t overwhelm yourself. 

Change the Date Cards

Okay, so you’ve followed the above advice and emailed your guests. You told them that your original date would be changing, but at the time you didn’t have the exact new date just yet. 

If you’ve sorted out your new date, and you want to keep the excitement of proper invitations and save the date cards, not to worry. 

We have a link that offers 12 different Change the Date cards that you can send to your guests. This will be way more exciting than a follow up email, and Coronavirus or not, this is still your special day and you shouldn’t lose any of that excitement!

Check it out:

The 12 Best Change the Date Cards to Send If Your Wedding is Postponed

Remaining Links

We’re going to attach a few more links below so you can have all your resources in one place. Hopefully, between all of these links, there won’t be any questions left unanswered!

Again, we know this is a crazy stressful time with a lot of unknowns. We are going to get through it by staying calm, staying positive, helping each other, asking questions, and leaning on our friends and family. 

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Wedding Planning During the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus and Your Wedding

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