Candace + Rodney | Wedding & Party at the Rutherford in Greenville, SC

I doubt I’ve ever been able to photograph two people more perfect for each other than Candace and Rodney. Their wedding Friday at The Rutherford in Greenville was the perfect mix of serious ceremony and unabashed joy I came to know Candace and Rodney for since we first met during our engagement session months ago.

The other thing that really struck me (besides Rodney’s mad dancing skills) is their immense love for their family and how dearly they hold their closest friends. Although family and friends are common at weddings – on Friday the moments I really saw this couple come alive was times like when Candace saw her father before the ceremony and when she spent a few minutes alone with her grandpa. Or when I saw Rodney get around his closest friends (many from his childhood back home in Lake View) and flash his devious smile, throwback some Fireball, and light up the dance floor all night long. Connections with family and friends isn’t just part of their life – it is their life. I feel honored to have been part of their tight circle of family and friends for a day.

Needless to say watching these two together was a lot of fun. Their wedding was the perfect reflection of who they are. Sincere, straight-forward, honest, and fun. Please help me congratulate Candance and Rodney and wish them an entire lifetime of happiness together!

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Venue: The Rutherford
Wedding Coordinator: Christina Alsip with Lovely Ever Afters
Catering: Pure
Cafe Artist: Brick Street Cafe
Florals: Betsy Eager
Hair/Make Up: Cotton Rouge
DJ: Collective Music Solution

  1. The Rutherford says:


  2. Amy Drewer says:


  3. Sharon Jacobs says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!! We were so glad to be a part of their special day!

  4. Karen Krulac says:

    Angel light photography, you truly captured the love in these photos! Beautiful!

  5. Cyndi Boyer says:

    Candace and Rodney’s wedding was breath taking. The love Candace showed when you’d catch her staring at Rodney was so romantically Innocent. Rodney had some interesting dance ‘moves’ that made me see the kid at heart. Together, the pictures showed the beauty of the day. And captured my favorite picture of Candace’s grandfather passing her off to her father. This, aside from the moment they took their vows, was memorable. Wonderful pictures to capture a truly wonderful day.

  6. Megan Zapf says:

    Beautiful wedding! Congratulations Candace & Rodney!

  7. Marie Leonard says:

    The day, the bride, the groom, the event, the celebration; were all beautiful, and captured perfectly in these photos. My personal favorite is the picture with Grandad and Dad. What a moment!

  8. Rachelle Bianchi says:

    Wonderful pictures!! I was not able to attend so very excited to be able
    To share in the beauty of the day. Really captures the love between Candace and Rodney!

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