Looking for a wedding dress can be exhausting, overwhelming and an emotional roller coaster for some brides. Avoid all these hassles and make it a fun and exciting experience instead with helpful knowledge from Sara Threatt of Madison Carolina Bridal as she shares her perspective and recommendations on finding that perfect wedding dress for you.

As a wedding is a celebration of a couple’s relationship, on this episode Preston and I evaluate the core values that are important in making a wedding meaningful and the significance of prioritizing relationships on the decisions you make for your wedding.

From weaving your love story into a multi-day wedding event to choosing a planner that will best suit you and cater to your wedding needs, whether as a straight or LGBTQ+ couple, discover helpful methods and approaches from Chanda Daniels as she shares her insights towards creating a successful, stress-free, meaningful wedding experience.

If the idea of traveling to a meaningful place to spend quality time with people you value the most, resonates with what you’ve envisioned your wedding to be, then this episode with Michelle Norwood will enlighten you.

With an ample experience on destination weddings, she discusses some of the key aspects in planning the perfect wedding of your dreams at the destination you desire.

Cindy Ballaro and Mary Ann Nease of Ladies of the Light Ceremonies and Photography offer some pointers on the factors to consider and what to anticipate when planning an outdoor wedding and why a national park can be a great choice as a wedding venue.

Reach out to them through their social media at Ladies of the Light Ceremonies or at www.ladiesofthelightceremonies.com.

A huge and equally important part of a wedding is the reception and any couple would want it to be an enjoyable time for everyone. Shawn Stom of Jumping Jukebox, LLC imparts his views and creative suggestions on how to materialize your dream of a wonderful reception and fill it with amazing moments that will surely be memorable.

Pick up some tips & tricks from this episode as Preston and I brainstorm about what it takes to create glamorous yet genuine portraits of your wedding day.

Wedding ceremonies that are custom-made to reflect the couple themselves are truly impactful and prove to be much more memorable. On this episode, Preston and I talk about the characteristics that make up an authentic and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Preston and I chat about the things that contribute into setting the vibe and atmosphere of the first portion of a wedding day.

Newlyweds Corey & Kim take the time to discuss the essence of intentionality in their relationship and how the meaningful choices they’ve made have yielded desirable results… especially when it came to their recent weekend wedding at Hawkesdene.