Discover new ways on how you can elevate your wedding experience with tips and advices from our guest, Andrew Roby of Andrew Roby Events as he talks about how engaging and interesting activities can create immersive experiences for your guests and overall, a much more fulfilling wedding experience.

On this episode, we’re honored to have Kurtis and Katie share with us how they’ve created a path of intentional choices towards planning their wedding and building a meaningful life together.

Preston and I are pleased to have this insightful conversation with Lawrence and Melissa as they share with us on this episode the foundation of their relationship and the aspects they took into consideration which led them to be able to make meaningful choices for their wedding.

Many would think that having a professional DJ/MC at their wedding reception is unnecessary, only to think otherwise after their wedding. Be spared of that same regret and learn about the importance of having a professional DJ/MC at your wedding reception and how to choose the right one for you on this conversation with Preston and I, together with Sean McGroarty of Premiere Party Entertainment and Shawn Stom of Jumping Jukebox, LLC.

A lot of brides dream of having a luxurious wedding but often fear that they won’t be able to afford it because of the notion that luxury is expensive. On this episode, Elizabeth McKellar of The Nouveau Romantics, shares her concepts on luxury weddings and some advices on how to find a wedding planner who’ll perfectly suit you and help create a remarkable wedding experience for you.

One of the biggest aspects that most, if not all, couples have a challenge with in planning a wedding is the budget. On this episode, Waverly Coleman shares her take on working with a wedding budget and effective ways on how to maximize your budget without compromising the quality of your wedding experience.

A destination wedding can either be a delightful or a dreadful experience, and no couple would ever wish to have the latter. In this episode, Kate Ryan of Gold Leaf Events talks about the elements that contribute to planning and creating destination weddings plus tips on how to ensure that it will be an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Get encouraging insights from Preston and I on this episode as we talk about wedding style. Be bold in expressing your own style into your wedding and purposefully craft it to be a unique masterpiece that truly reflects who you are.

Investing in your wedding dream doesn’t mean just having a good budget, because having a dependable wedding planner/coordinator is as equally important.
Learn from one of the best on this episode with Alicia Mae of ILE Events as she talks about the difference a wedding planner can make in creating a remarkable wedding experience for you.

A lot of details and factors go into planning a wedding and sometimes, it’s too late before we realize that we’ve focused most of our energy and resources on the things that matter the least.

Today, Preston and I are here to help you create a path of right decisions and intentional choices about organizing your wedding to ensure that you don’t miss out on what’s really important to you on your wedding day.