I’m gonna state the obvious here; I’m a photographer. With that moniker comes a host of other qualities that I bring to the table: Former music teacher, father, husband, traveler, easy-going nice guy. Why does this matter? Because I’m the one who shows up on your wedding day, charming your family members, stealthily recording the little moments no one else sees.

I take this work seriously because I know that memories fade over time. Photographs live on in albums, books, and prints. It’s my job to make sure those heirlooms tell an accurate and authentic story of the day. 

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I also have a love affair with coffee, red wine, and craft beer, just in case you haven't nailed down your menu yet. My family is my greatest accomplishment.

You want unique, bold, creative, timeless photography that tells your story perfectly. You found us. We are storytellers, documentarians, memory capturers.

Here’s how it all comes together. 

memories are important to you.


After the wedding, we will pop champaign, celebrate, and design the most important book created about your life.

Heirlooms are important to us. The archival quality of our prints and albums will last generations. They are meant to be past down as family heirlooms, introducing you to your great-grandchildren, sharing the legacy of your love. 

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we creatE

Having a strong connection with you is the key to making our best work. Come to our studio in Greenville to have a drink. 

When you’re ready to book, it all happens digitally. No printing, scanning or checks — let’s save some trees, please! 

Boom. Done. Welcome to the family!

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We'll start with your engagement session. Creating bold, beautiful, and creative images that showcase who you are.

Then it’s your wedding day! We work tirelessly to ensure the photo taking is fun, stress-free, and enjoyable.  

Making photo memories you'll love for the rest of your life. 

Anna & Corey

"Years from now, we'll be able to look back and remember all the silly stories from getting ready that morning and every ounce of nervousness, excitement, and joy I was feeling because Nathan captured each moment on camera"