I'm a photographer, traveler, husband, father, teacher, musician and coffee connoisseur. Red wine and craft beer make my taste buds happy. 

I spent 10 years of my life teaching high school - and while it was amazing - the entrepreneur, adventurer & artist in me wouldn't let me ride out the rest of my years in a school building. I took a risk, made a leap of faith & started ALP.


My name is nathan



Dave matthews Band
Netflix's "King"
visiTing iceland next year

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I am one of those guys that feels just as comfortable at a football game as I do sitting down to hear Mahler's 5th. At any point you may find me reading a good book, swinging a golf club, practicing music, biking along the swamp rabbit trail, walking through an art museum or hiking up a mountain. Exploring every continent is one of my life's biggest goals.

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Jered loves creating beautiful and compelling things that bring beauty into the world: whether it's music, video content, or photography, he has always had a passion for seeing the joy ion the faces of those gracious enough to witness his efforts. Jered also loves skateboarding, video games, movies and all the things that make him feel like kid: free & excited to be alive.

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Daewon Song
The Lord of the Rings
Assassin's Creed

I've currently visited 42 out of the 50 states and I've seen some of the most incredible places around the world. Although I've been a lot of places, there's still many more I want to go.

is my calling


What I love...

I have a rambuncsious, smart, three-year-old ball of energy who is always taking care of his newborn baby brother. My family is at the center of my life & they are my greatest accomplishment. 

is my greatest accomplishment

My family