Why You Should Have an Adventurous Engagement Session

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Alright, so you’ve chosen a photographer for your wedding day – that is a big accomplishment you can check off wedding to-do your list!

Now, your wedding photographer suggests an engagement session. Your initial thoughts might be, why is an engagement session so crucial if my wedding photos are the ones I am going to remember?

We are going to fill you in on why an engagement session is so great, how adventurous it can be, and why you don’t want to skip out on it. Let’s backtrack for a moment, and take it back to the beginning of your wedding planning.

The relationship with your wedding photographer starts to grow way before your actual wedding day.

The goal is for you to really get to know your wedding photographer, and for your wedding photographer to get to know you and your significant other.

Forming an authentic relationship with one another is the key to a smooth wedding day. When your big day finally arrives, you will move as one – completely in sync with each other. The trust, comfort, and chemistry between you and your wedding photographer should feel as natural as breathing.

An engagement session is an opportunity for this relationship to kickstart into something beautiful.

What makes you and your partner laugh? What makes you emotional? What makes you goofy? What makes you comfortable? What makes you look your best? 

These are all important things for your photographer to know before your wedding day. So, take all of the wonderful parts of an engagement session, and combine it with adventure and what do you get? The perfect combination!

The adventure can be anything you want it to be. From revisiting familiar places, to experiencing something you’ve never done before, it should be meaningful and exciting.

Maybe it’s recreating your first date at the movie theater in your hometown, going to an outdoor concert to see your favorite band, hiking into your favorite camping spot and setting up a tent for the afternoon – the possibilities are endless!


Hiking is always a fun engagement session adventure, whether it’s a hike you’ve been wanting to try, or one you’ve never done!

Some awesome locations in the SC Upstate that have made for memorable sessions are Black Balsam Knob, Little Bradley Falls, and Paris Mountain just to name a few.

It’s helpful to remember to back a change of shoes and maybe a fresh shirt if you want to tidy up a bit after hiking before the photographing begins. Or, if you’d rather the session include the trek up to the destination, by all means remain in your adventure clothes to make for a truly authentic memory!

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Bouncing off of the hiking theme, camping is another great adventure engagement session idea. There are endless hiking trails in the Upstate SC area, which provides just as many camping opportunities.

Want to hike onto the Foothill’s trail and set up a tent and a campfire for a few hours, roast some s’mores and share a couple drinks? Let’s do it.

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Movies and Entertainment

Let’s throw it back to when you went on your first date with your now fiance.

That small town movie theater with the squeaky seats and vintage soda fountain is the foundation of your love story.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to capture memories at a place like that? To be able to combine past memories with present happiness would be unforgettable.

Concerts are another awesome venue for an engagement session. While 2020 might make the concert idea a bit tricky, it’s an awesome concept to keep in mind for the future.

Maybe it’s a band you’ve never seen before, of it’s your favorite band that you want to see for the fifth time – take your photographer along!

Water Sports

We’re talking kayaking, boating, or just plain old jumping into Lake Hartwell if that what your heart desires!

Including water into your adventure engagement session can create some of the most beautiful and intimate moments.

Aside from water sports specifically, take your photographer along on any adventure. Maybe you and your significant other love riding bikes through downtown, or playing baseball together at the neighborhood field.

Anything meaningful and special to you is what will make the engagement session great.

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Everyone loves to travel, and traveling to a destination you’ve never been to before can be absolutely incredible and unforgettable! There are so many beautiful destinations on the east coast alone, not to mention the rest of the country.

Charleston, Nantucket, New York City, Cape Cod, Maine – the list goes on and on.

Then you have Savannah, Atlanta, Nashville, there are endless possibilities for some relatively close travel destinations for your adventure engagement session!

Check out more photos of Ashley & Matthew’s engagement in Atlanta on our blog here!
Check out more photos of Ashley & Matthew’s engagement in Atlanta on our blog here!

Tune in for more tips from a Greenville, SC wedding photographer

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