Sarah + Kyle | Soulmates Getting Married at The Rutherford

When I was asked by the owners of The Rutherford to come shoot a special feature for the upcoming issue of the Upstate Wedding Magazine, I felt honored! It wasn’t until after I committed I realized the wedding I was to document was actually the wedding of a friend! I was so stoked to be a part of Sarah’s wedding – She had become a close and trusted friend since we saw each other so often at events around Greenville!

Sarah and Kyle’s wedding at The Rutherford held so many awesome details. From the seating chart designed like a bracket tournament to the patches sewn on Sarahs dress and Kyle’s jacket – this wedding screamed Sarah and Kyle’s personality! It was an incredible celebration of who they were as individuals and who they now are as husband & wife. Around every corner I saw guests who would smirk to themselves when they noticed a new small detail that made total sense if you knew these two personally… even the way Sarah said “I do” during the ceremony was perfectly Sarah. With the enduring tone and curtness all of her friends and family love her for.

The “stuff” you see at weddings is really refreshing when it’s unique and different from other weddings you’ve been to… but In reality, I think the really special thing I saw was Sarah and Kyle themselves. I love being part of weddings where I constantly think to myself “these two were made for each other”. They’re the perfect ying to each other’s yang! The way they looked at each other, they way they laughed at each other’s jokes, the way they walked and moved around the room, even the way they danced together left everyone around them smiling. Those smiles followed them around from room to room all night long – the feeling of love and connection was palpable.

It doesn’t take a photographer to see when two people have found their soulmate – it just takes one to document it beautifully.

Congrats Sarah and Kyle! I’m crazy happy for you both!

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