Favorite Image Wednesday

On a wedding day, once all the traditional pictures are taken, I always like going after pictures that are a little more creative. This is the time I get to stretch my creative muscles a little and get those images that no one else can see. My goal is to make something that is unique to the couple… unique to their story and their day.

The image below is a great example. With the hundreds of great portraits I had already shot of the bride and groom that day – I wanted to grab something that highlights some of the special features of the place they chose to get married. The hanging lights were reflected with a special prism I always carry with me under the lens – and I used two lights on each side of the bride and groom to pop them off the dark background. The third light highlighted the cross and their connection to the religious service they had.

The tools I had – the lights, camera and prism – allowed me to capture this really unique shot of the couple… but knowing the settings and where to place the lights, camera and prism in order to get this effect was something that’s come with a lot of experience.

Over the years I’ve learned a camera is a tool – much like a hammer! A hammer in my hands in much different than a hammer in a carpenters hands. While I can barely hit a nail straight into wood – a carpenter can use that same hammer to build a truly stunning work of art. It all comes down to experience and vision!

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