Favorite Image Wednesday | Wedding at The Rutherford in Greenville SC

A Bride with her Grandfather



Someone this week asked me “what tends to be your favorite images from weddings”?

It might not be the answer you think…

While I do love those creative and unique “portfolio” images that I capture at weddings (lIke the one below… it was actually taken at the very same wedding) the images that I tend to enjoy taking the most are like the one above – a bride sharing a private moment with her grandfather right before getting married. It’s a simple image, but one that’s taken with intention. Beautiful light showcasing her grandfather’s expression with a simple background that allows the viewer to really focus on the love and affection these two have for each other.

I think the reason I gravitate towards these kind of images is because connections like this are incredibly meaningful in my life – and I know that years from now this photo will mean more to this bride than she can imagine.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Looking at this image I fell like I could write a book of all the experiences she and her grandfather shared together throughout their life. Can’t you?

Your wedding lasts one day… but your images last forever 

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