A Little Break…

Summer is flying by so fast. This year, I realized the thing I love most about summer is the chance to spend so much time with my family. The older I get the more I realize how precious time really is – and how little of it we all have to spend with the people we love the most.

That’s probably why I have such a huge passion for photography. The ability to freeze moments in time is such a powerful thing. When I am 50 I want to look back on what my son looked like as a two year old… and remember what it felt like to laugh and play with him. I’ve discovered there is little else in the world that’s better than watching your kids grow up. It’s by far the best thing about being a parent.

A few weeks ago my family unplugged and took off for the Caribbean on The Oasis of the Seas. It’s like a floating city on the water! It was very nostalgic for my wife and I since we spent our honeymoon touring the Caribbean on the Oasis’ sister ship The Allure. It was amazing to take my son along on that journey too.

This time around we visited beautiful places like St. Maartin and Haiti, but our favorite by far was Puerto Rico – what an amazing place! Imagine Charleston’s rainbow row of homes, and spread it throughout an entire city… that’s what it was like to walk the streets of Old San Juan!

Being a history nerd I loved exploring a city dating back to the 1500’s and seeing the old Castillo Del Morro. Absolutely breathtaking!

Of course with cruising the ship is half the fun… and the Oasis of the Seas is one of the best you’ll find! We saw the broadway production Cats along with a ton of other great shows, comedians, and fantastic musicians. If we didn’t love beaches and exploring so much we would have been perfectly happy aboard the Oasis the entire time.

I admit – I do have serious wanderlust. Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies – but these last few years I’ve found that traveling with family takes it up a notch. Yes – even with the diapers, crying, and non-stop elevator rides so my two year old can push the button. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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