Julie + Chandler Engagement Session | Downtown Greenville

It was a cool brisk morning in October when I got together with Julie and Chandler for their fall engagement session. Their easy going and playful nature was infectious – we had a blast touring downtown getting some great shots of the two of them. During the session I got to find out how Chandler surprised Julie at the Rock Quarry Gardens in downtown Greenville with an unsuspected proposal! She thought he was out of town! He had coordinated with her room mate to go apartment hunting in Greenville that day and she had no idea her room mate was actually planning to drop her off at the gardens to meet Chandler. The rest is history as they say… I’m excited to see their wedding coming up in April. I know it’s going to be a blast! 

Couples often ask me why I always encourage engagement photos. I think it’s important for two huge reasons. First, it gives us a chance to work together before the wedding day! We get a chance to hang out together and get to know each other. I’ll be able to find out what’s important to the couple and get a little insight into their story so I can produce better work on the big day!

Much more importantly it gives the couple a visual document of life before they were married. My wife and I still really enjoy looking back on our engagement photos. Although it feels like so long ago – every time we see them we’re always hit with the feels from that time in our life. Many things over the last 7 years of marriage has changed – but how we feel about each other hasn’t changed a bit and looking back at those photos reminds us of the most important constant in our lives… each other! 

I think it’s so worthwhile to have an engagement session! Document what you look like now, how you feel about each other, and what your lives looks like before marriage… careers… and children! I promise, you’ll be glad you did!