Crowe Family Photos | SC Botanical Gardens in Clemson, SC

Being the father of a two year old – I know the value of bubbles! I’ve been able to take a lot of photos of my son playing with his favorite outdoor activity, but this is the first time I’ve been able to capture the joy of bubbles for another family! I’m stoked to share this fun family session we had around Clemson.

When I met the Crowe family for the first time and was so drawn in by the infectious energy of their son Easton. He was a blast to be around and photograph! He had no problem cheesing up for the camera and we could really relate on the things that matter in life… spider man, gold fish, and who’s-the-fastest-runner contests. 

It was such a pleasure getting to know Eric and Katherine too. What a wonderful family! Although the afternoon was cloudy I was excited about the great photos of this family we came away with. Its one of the greatest joys of being a photographer that I get to document families and people at important times in their lives. Hopefully Eric, Katherine and Easton will look back on these photos sometime far into the future and remember how amazing this busy time of their life was!