Andrea + Brian | Wedding at the Beautiful Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek

Every so often in life you come across friends you instantly become close with. These kinds of people are always incredibly sweet and kind – and you feel like you can trust them right away and let your guard down (in a good way). 

Andrea and Brian are two of those people. I met these kindred spirits last year on our first meeting at the e-city java in downtown Anderson and I knew they were special as we were able to spend a little time talking about how they got together. 

Andrea met Brian in 2009 as members of Wofford College’s Track Team. As many of the tried-and-true love stories go a few sweet laughs turned into a romantic interest… and although they both graduated and lived in different areas of the country for a time – they crushed a long distance relationship ending in a proposal to spend the rest of their lives together!

This wedding was incredible. Even though we had a little rain there were two great families, a beautiful ceremony, a fun wedding party, a stunning venue, and a couple that everyone there knew was absolutely perfect for each other. 

Thank you so much Andrea and Brian for letting me be part of your lives! That was a day I’ll never forget. 🙂 For fun I’m going to copy their proposal story below as told by Brian (copied from their wedding website). 

The proposal:

It was a freezing December night at Mt. Vernon, helped only by hot coffee and fireworks. Yet Andrea noticed that those same fireworks, however blazing, were somehow making Brian shiver. He tends to do that whenever he gets nervous, you see. For his part, Brian knew that the couple had to make it up the Potomac River and back to the District in roughly twenty minutes, lest the photographer he hired would leave. He thus did something he would never actually do under normal circumstances, especially in the middle of a fireworks display. He chugged his coffee, grabbed Andrea by the hand, and said, in his best jerky-boyfriend voice, “Come on, baby. Let’s get out of here.” Andrea was not amused.

Andrea was really not amused when Brian suggested stopping at the Lincoln Memorial on the way home. The cold winds had only intensified, and not a soul could be found on the white-marble steps of the old temple. Yet Brian was soon asking Andrea why this place was important to them. “I don’t know,” Andrea replied, shrugging. “You’re in love with him?” She nodded towards the statue of our 16th president.

“No,” Brian said, chuckling. “Well, yes, but that’s not what I mean.” It was important because the couple had been there many times before, most notably after Andrea caught a bouquet at a D.C. friend’s wedding. That night was also cold, and it featured a record blizzard for the Washington area. But Brian nonetheless realized, as he watched her carry the bouquet in the driving snow towards the monument beyond, just how special this girl really was.

She had laughed at him as he mispronounced her name and tried to act sober. She had politely feigned interest as he recounted Fourteenth Century Scottish history. She had loved him through all the trials and tribulations that come with making the transition to adulthood. And she would, he resolved, be forevermore his wife, until his last breath.

On December 18, 2015, Brian McCracken asked Andrea Kelsey to marry him. And she said, “Yes!”

Special thanks to some of the vendors who made this day happen:

Venue: Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek (864.498.3796)
Reception DJ: Charles Whatley (864.982.1509)
Hair/Makeup: Tabatha Dearybury (Cotton Rouge)
Florist: Renee Burroughs (864-314-4242)
Cake Artist: Bakery off Augusta (Tom – 864.282.8580)