Christawna + Donald | Romantic wedding at Pretty Place | Greenville, SC

Christawna contacted me through her sister Ciara (whose wedding I also photographed this year) to possibly come and document her wedding too! The wedding was very quick (they had to hit the road right after the ceremony on a move to Kentucky) but their wedding was incredibly romantic. 

Fred Symmes Chapel (also called “Pretty Place” by everyone who lives in the upstate of South Carolina) is probably one of the most inspirational locations you will find in the Blue Ridge foothills. I’ve heard it said:

Pretty place can best be described as the place where heaven meets the Earth and God had his hand in the creation of it all.

From the church pews facing out over miles of open mountain range you can really feel how special that place is. When Christiawna told me they were getting married in probably the most scenic location in South Carolina I was instantly excited for her. Their wedding was so romantic given the atmosphere and how they felt about each other. I was very moved to see them tie the knot in such a beautiful place! 

Take a moment to check out the “first look” video I made for them below. I hope you enjoy it!