Chelsea + Keith | Wedding at Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek | Greenville, SC

About a year ago, I met Chelsea and Keith at coffee underground and instantly feel in love with these two. They’re relationship reminded me a lot of my own wife and I. Keith is a “on it” kind of guy. During our time together I really admired his attention to detail and his businesslike approach to making decisions. I’m pretty sure he might have a spreadsheet for everything and nothing ever throws him off his game! Chelsea revels in the little moments – and maybe not as much of a planner as Keith – she has one of the biggest hearts I’ve come across in a long time. These two are truly beautiful people inside and out. 

When we first got together for our engagement session it was easy to see how affectionate they are toward each other. They hardly required any direction at all! Their genuine love for each other really shined in the camera and we had one of the most fun engagement sessions in Downtown Greenville and Black Balsam Knob I’ve ever had. You can check that session out here. It was during that session I found out about how they first met playing frisbee on the quad their sophomore year at Ohio State University. Once Keith knew he was head over heals in love he took Chelsea on a trip to Puerto Rico and proposed at a beautiful Spanish fort in Old San Juan. 

Chelsea and Keith had their own wedding just a few weeks ago at Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek. It was absolutely stunning! I knew the Chelsea and Keith were “foodies”, but I had no idea that Chelsea had built their own beer station from scratch! It was really amazing and a big hit with all the guest (you can see it below). I also loved how Chelsea and Keith incorporated a unique spin on a homemade photo booth – They had instant film cameras available and asked all the guests to get a photo and write a message to the couple on the film. Each guest then had their own spot to showcase their photo/note on a crate – like a visual guestbook! Super cute and very original! It was a great way for their friends and family to leave a little momento to the couple. 

All in all this wedding was an absolute blast! They had a beautiful venue, great food, and a crazy fun time when the DJ cranked up the music. Congratulations Keith and Chelsea! Thank you so much for having me be part of your wedding day!

Creative Team

Wedding Coordinator: Taylor Grimshaw – 843-455-7759

DJ: Marky Munro 864-278-8262

Cake Artist: Ilona Koch – 440-829-2421

Hairstylist/makeup artist: Andie Jeffcoat | | 864-606-9625

Photography: Angled Light Photography